Saturday, June 09, 2007


Well folks, it happened. I made it to TV after 15 years of telling jokes and being funny. If you think I would be happy with the whole experience, then you don't know me very well. I'm not.
Everyone on the show did a 10 minute set and then was edited for time, content and strength of performance. Here's what I think is very funny. The bit they were not so sure about, punching the pigeon, is really the only bit they left in! All the other jokes on religion and politics were cut from my set. They all killed, but for some reason, those jokes didn't make it to air. I am let down that they went with material that I consider the weakest stuff in my act. Such is the life of a guy who wants to be seen as an artist but basically my job is to tell drunk people dick jokes to sell them more booze.
The good news? I have been working on a set for the late late show with Ferguson. Now at least I have a lot more jokes to submit than before. Everything Comedy Central cut I can use again.