Friday, April 08, 2011

10 Things Wrong About America Right Now

1. Taco Bell now offering a burrito made with frittos inside. Because America isn't fat or they know their stoned demographic?

2. Bottled water.

Why is it that the more expensive the water is the more they have a story about the pristine mountain lake fed by glaciers on the label? Then it has an expiration date. Also, if a can of coke is cheaper than water what does it say about your product when adding ingredients to water makes water less valuable?

3. On Facebook, where it asks, Political Views and people respond, Christian.

Christian is a religion not a political view. If you think mixing politics and religion works out, remember that's the mix that killed Jesus.

4. The dream ticket for conservatives is now Donald Trump for president with Sara Palin as VP.

That's right America, two reality TV stars are the Republican front runners.

5. We have three wars going on.

Four, if you count the war on drugs and five if you count the class war.

6. Charlie Sheen.

Enough said.

7. If being a christian means following the teachings of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ said he was for the poor and sick and a majority of conservatives say they are some type of Christian, WHY would you be for corporations making a profit off sick people and against any sort of humane reform in health care?

8. America has 50,000 troops in Germany and 30,000 in Japan and Korea and those wars ended a while ago.

You really think we are leaving no military behind in Iraq? Get use to Iraq being the 51st. state, America.

9. The people who brought about the greatest economic collapse in world history didn't go to jail.

They went to work for Obama to "fix" the problem they created. Meanwhile, the rich are getting tax cuts as the government cuts back services for the old and sick and to make up for the budget shortfall, the rest of us will pay more taxes on lower income as the banks continue to use the bailout money they got for screwing us to pay lobbyist to stop the government from regulating the banks.

10. G.E. made 14 billion dollars in profit, paid $0 in taxes and received 3 Billion back in tax credits.

They employee 975 tax lawyers to make this happen while I struggle to make enough money from telling dick jokes to strangers for love I didn't get growing up on the road just to pay my overworked tax accounted to see that I ONLY pay some of what I owe the government now and some of it next quarter.