Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Republicans are Dicks

The Republicans have forbidden schools to purchase fruit and vegetables for lunchrooms. You read that right. In the middle of the budget debates someone took the time to write out a special rider to the budget for school lunch programs. In a display of petty spitefulness, the Republicans decided to give the presidents wife a big fuck you by saying no federal money could be used to buy healthy food. Wow!

What brand of special ass-hole do you have to be to ignore the epidemic of fat kids in the country just to give a finger to Michelle Obama? While FOX has been busy planting the idea in little fear based minds that the government "...wants to tell us what to eat now!" your kids have been eating preservative laden plastic wrapped crap that comes in fifty gallon drums available at their school for purchase with their parents money. Why would anyone want to introduce a selection of fruit and vegetables? Why change the system of churning out intellectually void and physically unfit junior Americans?

Do you get what I am telling you? While the country is going through three fucking wars, the greatest economic melt down in our life times and the hijacking of one political party by crazy Jesus freaks who don't realize they are protesting for corporations best interests and not their own, the Republicans said, sure all that's happening but do you know what we really need right now? We need to send a message to the presidents wife that we don't like her at the expense of this nations kids!

Seriously? What brand of mentally deficient willfully ignorant moron decides to put in black and white language a rule that states no federal lunch program money can be spent on food? Real food, too! Not the powdered add water shit we shovel into kids mouths or the sugar and fat ka-bobs available from vending machines that are there only because schools have been so under funded that they bring in companies that split the cash with them.

Has anyone ever thought that the rise in ADD coincides with the rise of sugar in our kids diets? You know what might be good? Some fruit and vegetables. Nah!

This is what politics has come to. You don't have to like Obama or his wife but you're going to be against fruit and vegetables in schools just because the presidents wife is for it?

Sorry, I just can't wrap my head around this one at all. They put it in writing! They took time from trying to decide what our countries economic priorities should be to come out against fruit and vegetables. FRUIT and VEGETABLES!

Oh well.