Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oil & Irony

If you dig into the ground eventually you will find a special thin layer that can be found anywhere on the planet. It contains an element rare to Earth but plentiful in meteors and comets. This is a sort of assassins signature. Scientists believe this is proof that a giant meteor struck the Earth 65 million years ago starting the process of extinction for the Dinosaurs. For a layer like this to be found everywhere it means the rock that hit the planet had to be huge. It also means that the debris cloud it caused must of been large enough to settle around the globe. Something that large must of cut the amount of sun shine down to almost nothing for an extended period of time. No sunlight means plant die. The dinosaurs that ate the plants die and the dinosaurs that ate the dinosaurs that ate those plants also die.

We know from the fossil record that Earth was a lush world when the meteor hit. That plant life was covered in dust and then as the Earth remade itself with regular upheavals like lava flows, earthquakes and glacier movements it was pushed even deeper into the ground. For millions of years under enormous pressure it eventually became oil. Every ounce of oil we burn in our cars or turn into plastic started out millions of years ago as food for the dinosaurs. We could not have the society we have built now without the demise of creatures that lived 65 millions years ago without any of this happening.

If you're like me and delight in irony here is irony on the largest scale I've seen yet. Scientist almost universally place the impact site for that meteor in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, its the reason there is a Gulf of Mexico.

The resource we have gone to war for as a nation and the one thing common to industrialized modern society is now squirting from the site of the meteor that started it all at 65,000 barrels a day.

Bravo, irony! Bravo indeed.

The end of the dinosaurs started here and you have to wonder if ours is too.

How dumb are we? I see adds on Facebook for those cause bracelets Lance Armstrong made popular for cancer research. These are for the Gulf Coast Oil disaster or as the bracelets incorrectly read, stop the spill. Its incorrect because its not a spill. A spill implies it has stopped. The wrist band is made out of plastic. Plastic as in made from oil. You can't wrap oil around your wrist to say you're fighting oil. That would be like dinosaurs wearing stop the meteor bracelets made from meteor. Are we really any smarter than them?

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