Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Comedy CD is Finally Here!

It's finally here! It took most of the last four months to finally get it ready, recorded, printed and shipped but my first ever full length comedy CD is ready for you to download! I was seriously starting to wonder if I had bitten off more than I could deal with at the moment. I started planing for the actual show the same day I was laid off from my day job. That was tax day, April 15th of this year! When the night finally came the little theatre, Stage Werx was sold out! It's the same place I do my storytelling show, Previously Secret Information at. I did an hour and a half that night. Not only that, but I did it with almost no riffing! If you've seen me before you know how rare that is. With eight pages of notes on a music stand and the most adoring, incredible, wonderful group of fans I could hope for, the night went about as perfect as you want a night to go when you're recording your first ever comedy CD. The tickets paid for the sound engineer who recorded it and if things keep up the way they seem to be going the first 100 actual copies will be paid for by the end of the week with downloads! I could not be any more proud right now!

Alright, so how do you get yourself a copy? There are three main ways.

1. Download an MP3 directly from iTunes for $9.99

2. Download a copy from CD Baby for $9.99

3. To get an actual CD mailed to you
The cost is slightly higher (it covers the cost of shipping the CD)
and has a few more steps. Visit my website to see how you can do this via PayPal here.

Please leave feedback at whatever site you buy it from!
Thanks and I hope you enjoy it. The second CD is already waiting to be mastered!