Friday, August 27, 2010

Heidi's Boob's and FOX's Boob's

While people are worried about a Mosque being built at ground zero, lets take time to worry about some truly big issues. Size G fake boobs to be exact. Heidi Montag, reality TV star from The Hill's has decided to remove her cartoon sized fake breast's almost as soon as she got them put in.

There are legitimate reasons to get implants like an accident or illness and I suppose there is nothing wrong with enhancing your natural assets but lets be honest, size G implants are just airbags that deploy upon self esteem hitting bottom.

She wants to downgrade to something smaller. In her own words she says "... D or double D's."

How out of whack is your sense of proportions when D's or double D's are smaller?

Then again a lot of people recently have their sense of proportions, geography and outrage out of alignment with reality.

Fact number one about the mosque at ground zero, it's a community center with a mosque in it.

Fact number two, it is three blocks from the site of ground zero.

FOX News has made a big deal about where the money is coming from. In classic guilt by association the money comes from a muslim and since muslims were on the planes that crashed into the world trade towers it must be terrorist money and therefore bad. If you follow that logic that means FOX News is evil because the second biggest owner in it is a muslim.

That's a fact. Irony or dirty little secret? You tell me.

In fact, while FOX News continues to scream the question, Where is the money coming from they seem ignorant that a big chunk of the money is coming from the man who is the second biggest shareholder in FOX News. It goes like this; Saudi Prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal owns 7 precent of parent corporation, News Corp. That prince has given money to the American Iman, Abdul Rauf's project to construct a Muslim community center in lower Manhattan. Now that might seem a little removed but three steps away from the owner of FOX News is a lot closer than three blocks from ground zero in Manhattan when you really think about it. Then again, who really thinks anymore when fake tits are also covered as a real news story on the same network?

Among Heidi's complaints about her giant boobs is she can't properly hug her four dogs. Why isn't there a Facebook page raising money to get these poor dogs the affection they need? Come on America! Four animals living in LA eating regularly every day and living in better conditions than maybe 80% of the people on this planet can no longer can get close enough to their mistress to lick her face!

Where is the outrage?

I'm suppose to feel sorry for this woman who explains the problem of having to wear only custom made tops now as "heart breaking?"

Breast cancer is heart breaking. Starving children are heart breaking. People believing a community center three blocks from ground zero is a bigger threat to this country than an economy designed to further the goals of the rich at the expense of the other 90% of us is heart breaking. Someone who needs to pump more silicone into their body than the weather stripping around the windows of an average 70 story building to make up for a personality so uninteresting in any other way is a cry for help but it isn't heart breaking. Then again, maybe it is heart breaking but first we would have to get past those size G personality enhancements to see if it is broken or not.

FOX News implying that the money to build a muslim community center comes from some shadowy source when at least some of that money is coming from the second biggest owner in their own company is hilarious! It is also a perfect example of lying by omission. FOX News knows this! Should we be investigating where they get their money from if we now know that their second biggest investor has also given money to the American Iman who raised funds to build a community center three blocks from ground zero that will also have a mosque in it?

The Pentagon was also struck by a plane on 9/11. To commemorate that tragedy, the Pentagon built a 100 seat chapel maintained by their chaplain office. It is a room available to Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Muslim employees. That's right America! In the command and control center of our military on the very spot where hijackers flew a plane into it on 9/11, Muslims get together during the day and pray!

When you look at both news stories side by side you have to reach the logical conclusion that FOX News has bigger boob's than Heidi Montag's. At least her desperate cry for attention wasn't paid for by shadowy men with ties to the middle east.