Saturday, February 16, 2013


Dear everyone who donated money to me via PayPal this week,
Thank you! I am immensely grateful for your donation. I put a request out on my blog and Facebook for cash after my bank account was hacked and drained. People came through. I thought I might get a couple hundred dollars that would help get me through till the bank restored my previous balance before the fraud. Instead my two day requested earned me a total of just over $2,000. People gave in the hundreds of dollars! People gave fifty bucks who I know are broke! A guy gave me $25 from Germany! People helped out. I feel a little like George in, Its a Wonderful Life. After I pay back all the loans to people, settle up on rent, credit card bills and stock up on groceries, I will actually survive this finical crisis with a renewed faith in humanity. That would not have been possible without everyones generosity. 
This whole adventure has been extremely strange. One second I am walking into a 7-11 and the next I am standing in the parking lot calling my bank after my debt card was declined only to find that my balance for all the moment I've managed to save in the world is gone. Then starts the red tape, investigations, evening anxiety attacks, everyone telling me I have rights and the money will be returned but also everyone saying it may take time. Somewhere during all of this the San Francisco weather was incredible! Yesterday I strolled around Golden Gate Park in the sunny afternoon and found a little peace with it all. 
As of today my funds have been restored. Everyones donations has given me the hoped for breathing room to not get stuck in a circle of borrowing and repaying people. Gigs are booked and my mood is better. Again, thank you to everyone who gave something. Please know you made a difference in my life. I have one last favor to ask; how should I pay this forward? People were extraordinary. I want to be able to pay my "Karmic debt" so to speak. if you have any ideas please post them.
Thank You
Joe K.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Little Help?

A quick recap of whats been going on:
Two weeks ago when I went to use my ATM card at a local 7-11 it was declined. Long story short, standing there in the 7-11 parking lot squinting at my phones screen was the first I realized I had zero balance in my checking or savings. What is scary to learn now is how common this problem is. There is also the surreal anxiety of suddenly being stranded in the middle of a society that is run on how much money you have with nothing. I am not exaggerating
here. I mean zero balance.
Here is whats happening today. I am told that my bank account will be returned in full at the end of this week. That is good news. Wait, that is great news! Here is my problem. To cover living expenses, credit cards and bills I borrowed money from people. Also, January turned out to be one of those months comics dread. A lucrative private gig rescheduled for March and I got bumped from a profitable week at a club. Ugh! Now I am in a situation where it looks like I won't be able to catch my "financial" breath. Long story short; I'm in a bit of trouble here, folks.
So here is what I am asking. I have a PayPal account you can donate whatever amount of cash you can. Honestly, anything will help. If you have used PayPal you know that all you need is my email to send funds.
Here it is-
I feel weird about doing this but if I can make it out of this I swear I will find a Karmic way to pay it forward. So please, share this post or pass it on to anyone you think might be generous to take a second and help a dude out whose only goal for the last 20 years has been to make people laugh. Too much? OK. You got the point.
Thank You.
Joe K.
Trust me. When this is all over and I am "out of the woods" there will be a long blog about this strange adventure.