Friday, March 27, 2009

Metaphor This!

The Republicans released their budget yesterday. It was 19 pages long and contained no numbers.
No numbers?
No numbers.
Obama basically called them out Tuesday in his press conference asking his critics where their budget was?
If you were looking for a metaphor about our times and how we got here I can't think of a better one than this. A bunch of Republicans smugly waving around a thin folder containing no financial data what so ever and saying, trust us!
Excuse me if I am stating the obvious but isn't this exactly how we got into this disaster in the first place?
19 fucking pages with only the numbers that number the pages is not a budget guys. Its barely a book report. Even cookbooks have more numbers in them than this did. Probably not a good idea to say cooked and books around these guys.

Even members of the conservative press were pissed at the Republicans during the press conference for this. Every question the reporters had was answered with a very lame, we will be releasing more information next week.
Like the numbers?
The big idea in the budget was a 10% tax cut for the wealthiest American's. Because that already worked so well for us.
For the last time-trickle down economics didn't work!
Your just embarrassing yourselves at this point guys.

The government is inspecting all the showers on military bases in Iraq. Of the 20,000 already inspected, 7,000 of them had electrical problems. KBR, one of Halliburton's companies, was found criminally negligent in the electrocution deaths of 3 solders in showers built by KBR.
The company that just got the multi million dollar contract to rebuild the showers?
And that is your metaphor for how much corporate America cares.
If they could feel OK about making a profit on selling showers that killed our solders in Iraq, then you know they didn't think twice about stealing money from grandpa's pension plan on Wall Street to buy another penthouse on park avenue.

The thing that really makes me slow down and stare at the train wreck that is the Republican party right now is listening to them scream about one party rule in Washington and a White House that won't listen to their concerns. Obama has been called a dictator for wanting regulations to prevent this finical disaster from happening again.
Your kidding, right?
Thats pretty much how you guys ran things when you were in power!
And before you think I am turning around and childishly saying, now you don't like it do you? Consider this little fact.
In the history of the Congress the filibuster has been used sparingly. A filibuster prevents any vote on a bill from happening.
Since January, its use has gone up 90%.
The Republicans not only don't want to consider any new ideas they don't even want to hear any conversation or debate about them either.

Last but not least, the mother of metaphors!
The U.S. military has just begun work on a mediaeval style wall with only four ways in or out around the city of Baghdad. Everyone will be searched on the way in. Yup. Nothing says mission accomplished like a giant castle wall surrounding a city in an architectural style best associated with the dark ages.
Let freedom ring!
If you still believe that anyone in Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 then perhaps you can torture logic just a bit more to convince yourself that if those people attacked us for the simplistic reason said over and over again, they hate us for our freedoms, then a wall between them and freedom should make everyone happy.