Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Dear Loyal Readers & Fans,
I am thinking about trying the Google Add Sense thing on my blog. Here is how it works. A computer program looks at the content of my site and then determines what the best adds might be for my blog. When a person clicks on one of the adds, I get something like a penny deposited into a paypall account.
Who knows, there might be some money to be made.
But here's the thing.
If I am raging against the system and the corrosive effect of placing a monetary value on everything, would it not be a huge hypocritical action to have commercials embeded along side my texts proclaiming these dangers?
Comments please=)


Marty Grimes said...

I used to have a pretty good readership on my blog when I updated it frequently, so I put up a Google AdSense thingy. My earnings to date are a whopping 0.0 dollars. Hardly anyone, it turns out, clicks on those ads. If you multiply "hardly anyone" by 10,000 hits a day, you might get some money out of it. But for my piddly blog, it was a dud. Glad I kept my day job.

Dean said...

Everybody rises to their level of hypocrisy. I'll bet most Greenpeace activists drive to work.

james. said...

you love the punchline right? Well aren't they owned by clearchannel? A huge gigantic faceless company that would censor anyone if it suited them? I could be wrong about that, but that's what I heard. Don't worry about being a hypocrite so much, it's inevitable and unimportant as long as you feel comfortable with what you're doing.. or as Carlos Castanada said "All roads lead to the same place, nowhere. So choose the one with heart."

Joe said...

Since clear channel took over, all that has happened at the Punch Line is nothing.
Not once has the Booker asked me to not do something. Not once has the manager told me not to do a bit. However, there have been a few other clubs that have nothing to do with Clear Channel that have told me not to do a joke about Bush-before I have set foot on their stage.
I have never heard of a comic being censored at the Punch Line. I am good friends with the Booker and would know if this had ever happened. I am not a fan of clear channel, but when I think of the Punch Line, I think Of Molly, and Chris and Mark and the people there. Not the company that signs our checks. I am not saying that clear channel has not engaged in practices that are questionable, but at the micro level I am on their radar, they don't seem to care. In fact, many times previous managers showed me letters from people in the crowd who did not like what I was talking about. One letter came from a mother in the marines right after 9-11. I never spoke to her directly or sent a response, but it was a pretty harsh letter in tone. Needless to say, it had no effect on my bookings or what I talk about on stage.
Of all the clubs and little rooms I have worked, the punch line has been by far the coolest.

Anonymous said...

you can also publish on thisisbyus and xomba which also allow you to take advantage of AdSense but use their site, i think you will receive less money for the clicks than on your own site, but it should be made up for by increased traffic. Also its all about marketing you will need to utilize the site-aggregate sites like and etc


Anonymous said...

sometimes ya gotta take money form the "man" in order to keep shedding light on "the man"s activities. We all need cash. Is that hypocritical? I don't know. Are you going to censor yourself and or pretend to endorse the products that are being advertised? That seems like the moment when hypocrisy steps in, But taking money from a system so that you are able to continue talking about the pitfalls of that system seems smart to me.

Are you ever going to talk to me again?


j said...

I'm all for it and I'd click if I were interested in the ads. And plenty when I wasn't. If it doesn't cost me why not?
I'm not worried about you turning evil or commercial.