Thursday, November 15, 2007

Virtual Theft

A Dutch Teenager has been arrested for stealing virtual furniture from a virtual room in a 3D on line social networking site. The furniture was purchased with real money, so the removal of the furniture constitutes theft. It's still in the same Virtual hotel, he just moved it to a different room.
Oh how I love this story!
Somebody spent "real" money too. About $8,000 American! The 17 year old kid accused of stealing the virtual furniture used a fake site to get access codes and passwords from people and then helped himself to furniture he liked for his own room.
It's a virtual hotel named Habbo. Think of it as Myspace with a view.
If you are going to steal something, don't leave it in the same "virtual" building you stole it from.
It's hard to say who is more dumb, the guy who stole eight grand worth of virtual furniture or the guy who spent eight grand on virtual furniture.

What is the value of an object that you can never touch and does not exist in our world? I guess it's whatever a majority of people says it's worth. Do you put the kid in a virtual jail now?
I think the person who has more to answer for is the person who spent so much money on something thats completely useless. You couldn't find a better use for eight grand?
I wonder if they thought of opening a virtual homeless shelter? Do we need those yet? How sad is that, your not even real and your homeless?

I think I just figured out who the biggest looser in all this is, the people who ran the site and called the cops. If you know the fake furniture is still inside the fake hotel, then can't you just move the fake shit back? I know the money is real. That seems funny to say, because I bet no cash really changed hands. It was all just ones and zeros floating threw the ether on a stream of electrons. Ones and zeros in the bank and ones and zeros that made the furniture.
Hard to know who I should be pulling for on this one. All I know is, if your room got jacked for eight grand worth of stuff and it's fake, you have real troubles.

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