Wednesday, April 02, 2008

...and then I am in Davis,CA at a little place named, City Hall Comedy club. It's really part of a restaurant that has comedy one night a week, but it has become on of the best one nighters around.
I filled in for a last minute cancellation. Seemed only fair. I had to cancel on this Booker last month for Last Comic Standing. No word yet about how much face time I will have. I am told that if any of us appear for more than two minuets, we get a check. You just know a producer is going to be watching people with a stop watch. "One minuet and fifty eight seconds. Klocek gets nothing!"
What makes this gig Blog worthy is it's lack of drama before, during or after the show. You have to love that. Not only that, but a young hot girl in the front row too!
So, every once in awhile everything comes together in your favor. I didn't even mind the drive home. I have traveled that stretch of I80 so many times for gigs, that I firmly believe I could drive it with my eyes closed avoiding every pot hole and telling you where we are with out opening them. "Were passing the Nut Tree. Look out for a large crater in the center lane."
I put my iPod headphones in and blast my way down the asphalt screaming along to hits that haven't graced the radio waves since that girl in the front row was born.
Thanks universe. You did me a solid.

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