Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Week of News

Last week, the Congress voted and passed the new G.I. Bill. It is a bill that gives financial help to returning Iraq and Afghanistan vets for college and medical help. Like their fathers before them, this generation of returning solders deserves to be thanked with easy access to education and a better future.
John McCain, Vietnam vet and champion of veterans rights did not vote on the bill. Instead, he choose to stay in California at a fund raiser.
Obama, flew back to Washington to vote in favor of the bill before returning to a rally for him in Florida.
McCain criticized Obama for not understanding veterans issues because he never served. It's true, Obama never served. He was 12 when Vietnam ended. A little young to serve in Vietnam.
Obama voted in favor of a bill that will help returning veteran's, a bill that the President and McCain was against by the way, and McCain couldn't be bothered to vote on it. He did have the time to say that Obama didn't understand veteran's issues because he never wore the uniform though. Make sense? Me either.

Mean while, we are still occupying Iraq. Little history lesson folks. The two main groups of people in Iraq are the sunnis and the shia. Under Saddam, the Shia were second class citizens often brutalized by Saddam. Saddam was a Sunni, so we knocked him and all traces of the Sunni's from the government in Iraq. You think thats a good thing, right? We put into power a government composed mostly of Shia's. Guess who the ruling religious faction in Iran is? Thats right, Shia's. When you hear people say that the biggest winner in this war is Iran, they aren't kidding! We did for Iran what eight years of war with Iraq never could! Then, we complain that Iran is influencing Iraq. You think? It's like we invaded Switzerland at the height of World War War two, threw out the government and installed a new one composed of Nazi's and then got mad at Germany for having more influence in Switzerland. Do you understand exactly how stupid we look to the rest of the world that clearly knows the difference between Sunni and Shia? Most American have a hard time telling the difference between American Idols after a few months, but the world knows what is going on and this is yet one more example of why we look like retards. Who thinks McCain will run anything different?

Now onto another round of Clinton Bashing! By now you have heard Hillary's comment about why she is staying in the race, right? In an interview she said her husband didn't get the nomination until June and that Bobby Kennedy was shot in June. So, one reason Clinton continues to fight is on the chance that Obama will be assassinated. Nice. Anyone else think that at this point she has gone a little nuts?
"I am staying in the race because someone might shoot Obama. Let's face it folks, a lot of people voted for me in the primary because he's a freaking' black guy and you know what this country does to politically minded black people. That's why I stay in the race. Odds are, I will be the nominee by default."
Well, on ward and upward to another week of news=)


Sandy said...

As always, you keep me informed and laughing all at the same time.

**shakes head** at Clinton!

Dean said...

Sal posted some MySpace bulletin clip of a FOX analyst joking about Obama and Osama ('cuz they're the same, right?) getting shot...