Monday, June 30, 2008

Blond on Blond reaction!

Pamela Anderson, on a radio interview in Australia, called Jessica Simpson a Bitch and whore for wearing a real girls eat meat, T-shirt. Where do you want to start with the irony? For a woman with plastic tits, enhanced lips, permanent eye liner and a hair color not found in nature, Pamela Anderson has a lot of nerve telling anyone they are not "real." Don't you think?
I'm not fan of Jessica Simpson either. After all, this is the woman who thought Buffalo wings were from buffalo. Anderson, is a member of PETA. Again, the irony factor is pretty high here. People would protest if they did to animals what Anderson did to herself. Besides, Pamela Anderson doesn't eat meat? Thats not what I saw on that tape.
I have no idea whose side I am on, but a plastic injected rock star cum dumpster getting uppity because she only eats vegetables, is pretty stupid. Two dumb blonds, famous for being famous, are in a war over what goes in their bodies. Insert your own joke here.


Joe said...

I got more than a few people angry that I called Pamela Anderson a cum dumpster. course, none of them left any comments here. Instead they e-mailed me them. I am a little amazed that any woman would stand up for a woman who has undergone thousands of dollars worth of surgery to become more of a sexual object. One female friend of mine said, "I just think it's cool the way she is into being pretty."
Maybe, but why is it when a guy notices her being "pretty" they are then called pigs? It doesn't compute. She has enough silicone implanted inside her to run a thousand computers, yet I doubt very much she knows how to even log onto the internet to see her getting fucked by then husband, Tommy Lee. still, a lot of women told me that calling her cum dumpster was a bit too far. In fact the word dehumanized was thrown around a lot. I am no expert, but someone who willingly had their breasts enhanced with the same stuff you seal cracks with, had more stuff injected into her lips, treats her hair to match the color of a flocked Christmas tree and then presents herself to the world as nothing more than a dumb blond to be used in punch lines, might have dehumanized herself long before I applied such a mean term to her.

Dean said...

Maybe "dehumanized" is the wrong word. "Commodified" perhaps? Anderson's squeezed and poked and trimmed and injected herself because she knows in American society, and show business, specifically, her body is merely product. Your critics must admit that on some level she HAS treated her body as a business asset.

Joe from the Past said...

Strange tail from a guy who dated a "vegetarian" who's food came back out almost more times than it went in.

sandy said...

I will admit, as far as PETA goes, agree with the whole cruelty to animals bit... BUT, I totally think that being a vegetarian is a personal choice. Um, animals eat animals... Even the nicest animals... they eat animals.
So it's not like you're not playing by the animal kingdom rules. It's called a food chain.

As for Ms Anderson and her unnatural gloriousness... maybe she made sure that the plastic boobies and botox were not used in any animal testing...

My back hurts just looking at that woman!

Anonymous said...

Surely you remember that a certain, once special someone, used to love the cum dumpster as much as you seem to despise her.
It's the same reason porn stars should be considered the new wave of women's lib.
Some women are hideous and can't fake cry when they're pulled over for a speeding ticket, so the women who can flawlessly fake an orgasm are gods, role models, defendable icons.
If Hugh Hefner is still breathing on his own and creating new playboy bunnies, then Pam Anderson can defend vegetarianism by slamming a girl who dated Dane Cook (surely you can approve of that) and get as much lipo and as many breast enhancements as she damn well wants. Minks and kittens aren't dying for her about-to-explode melons are they?
And being a cum dumpster isn't a bad thing. Many girls are - she's a living legend for the girls in Gloucester!

Joe said...

Of course you are all right, it was wrong of me to insult a national treasure like Pamela Anderson when I called her a cum dumpster. What was I thinking? She is a media savvy whore who speaks for the little animals of the planet. Our very own porn like snow white and Doctor Doolittle mixed into one goddess of big titted perfection to be admired. Forgive me. All my blog entries on a war of choice over oil, the existence or lack of existence of God, and the President being a born again retard never get any comments with the passion and abundance demonstrated here. You have proved that America still cares about what is important. My faith is restored and I promise to leave poor loveless Tia Tequila alone. These women need to be respected for their "work." I know I must of hit a button with more than a few of you otherwise why would so many of the comments have passive aggressive swings at my personal life? Well played folks! Well played indeed. I can sleep tonight knowing that Americas principles are intact and the worship of vacant plastic personalities augmented to be the wet dreams of the masses are held sacred. I now understand the error of my ways. To call one woman a cum dumpster surely means I think that all women are cum dumpsters. Surely you did not overreact in any way. It was me. I will no longer use that term when I write about a woman who is famous for being...what is she famous for again?
Thank you for setting me straight dear readers. Thank you for pointing out that an ignorant actress with huge tits famous for running in slow motion on a beach is not an "object" to be made fun of when she says something stupid about another ignorant actress famous for being dumb. Sorry I poked fun at your idol and thank you for presenting your case with tidbits from my own life to make the point. But then again if I make fun of a public person, I should be just as open to being made fun of too. After all, this is America and why argue with logic about any one point when everything can be expanded into the national sport of ego bashing behind the safety of being anonymous.
If you can't see that Pamela Anderson is nothing but a moronic self created product, built to cash in on the treatment of women as objects, then we are in far worse shape then I thought. Go back to your MAD TV. Take comfort in Howard Stern. Enjoy reality shows. Everything is fine and Pamela Anderson is a shining example of all a women can be.
What was I thinking?