Thursday, July 24, 2008


WASHINGTON - John McCain and Barack Obama vow to reform the nation's defense procurement if elected president, yet each is unwilling to take a firm stand against the skyrocketing cost of a plum White House perk: the new Marine One helicopter.
The project is now projected to cost $11.2 billion.
The fleet of helicopters cost $400 million apiece. The British have bought the same base model helicopter for $57 million each.

Wow! I did a little research. That $11.2 Billion is for 22 helicopters. When ever the president is aboard one of them, it is called Marine one. It is usually accompanied by two or three as decoys. The most common flight it makes is from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base where the president boards Air force One.
It takes ten minuets.
Wouldn't it be cheaper to just build a runway for Air Force One next to the White House?


eobubba said...

Let's see...
Washington Monument? Control tower!

Lincoln Memorial? Airport bar!

mermaidintherudder said...

if (God forbid) we get another Rep. stolen election,
McCain will likely level the MLK Jr. Memorial and put the runway on top of it.

Are there any First Nation burial sites nearby? Maybe we could distract him and get him to put it there.