Thursday, August 21, 2008


It can be a dangerous business mixing metaphor with resolve. John McCain recently said he would pursue Osama, “…to the gates of hell!” Doesn’t that just wanna make you climb up on a pick up truck, wave the American flag around and blast a Toby Keith song? It sounds dramatic enough but there is no need to go to such extremes.

Obama has said he would go into Pakistan and get him. For saying this, he was criticized. It doesn’t matter that they are saying the same thing. It doesn’t matter that one is throwing bumper sticker solutions not grounded in reality to supporters. It doesn’t matter that every intelligence agency in the world places him in a tribal region of Pakistan. McCain has said over and over that he would not go into Pakistan to get Osama. Where would he go to get him? Well, to the gates of hell, fagot! That’s where!

Maybe if you look closely at a map of Pakistan, somewhere there is a tiny little region named, gates of hell. If that’s true, then they are saying the same thing.

You can’t use metaphors to stir up the patriotic and then mock the other guy who is saying he will accomplish the same thing in reality. McCain might as well have said, “I will pursue Osama to the forest moon of Endor!” or, “I will chase him into Morodor along side Hobbits and men to bring peace to Middle earth once and for all!”

I would love to write a John McCain speech.

“Today we have Sand-People and Elves standing together. Pod racers from Tatooien and residence of the shire, all-coming together to vote for leadership. As I stand here today on the deck of the Battlestar Gallatica, I promise that we will chase down our enemy no matter how far away or mythical a place Osama is hiding! If Narnia is harboring terrorists, or second life, we shall do whatever is needed to bring him to justice!”

He would have the sci-fi fantasy vote.


Anonymous said...

They'd boo him off the stage for this:

Joe said...

There is so much Bullshit flying around right now it’s stunning. McCain can’t remember how many homes he owns with his wife? People think this makes him look like an out of touch rich white guy. I think its evidence of early Alzheimer’s.
When McCain was asked how he would define a rich person he said anyone making more than five million dollars a year. How about anyone who has seven houses and can’t remember that? Or, anyone who responded to the question of how many homes do you own with, ask my staff?
In the middle of all this Russia appears to have invaded a tiny little country. I say appears because if you take the time to look at the international coverage of the news you will find that Georgia invaded the small region in dispute, killed thousands of people and eyewitness accounts have said the Georgians were engaged in ethnic cleansing. It was the Russians who crossed the border to put a stop to it. Sorta like what we did in Kosovo.
If you watch the U.S. news though, it is just assumed that Russia is the bad guy in all this. Sadly, this bullshit helps McCain. If the cold war is heating up again then lets get a guy for president who thinks in that black and white era’s mentality.
Now throw in this little under reported nugget. The weekend right before Russia’s “invasion” guess who was in Georgia at the time? Your goanna love this; Carl Rove.
Some quick history folks; way back in the first Iraq war, there was a diplomat by the name of April Gillespie. She was the American ambassador to Iraq. Saddam wisely went to her and asked, what would America’s reaction be if I invaded Kuwait? Cables went back and forth between her and the white house and the official response from the U.S. Government was, nothing. We would not take a position on the matter. Well, as you know we did. Saddam, our boy in the Middle East, was set up.
It is entirely reasonable to conclude that the government of Georgia asked what the U.S. reaction would be if they went into a disputed region of their country.
Remember, it was the Republicans that negotiated with the Iranian hostage takers to not release the American hostages until after the election. An election that many people feel Carter lost because of his handling of the hostage crisis. As we know, Regan won and on the very next day the hostages were released cementing his win and appearance of a can do guy.
These people play with the fortunes of whole countries and the lives of millions like you and I play with lottery scratchers. Dig for information. Think yourself. Find the facts to defend yourself in debates with the morons and realize that we do not live in a black and white world but the choice for our next leader is.
I am stepping off the soapbox now.