Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wake the Fu*k Up America!

It has been seven years since 9/11 and you know what we don't have?
Osama captured or dead.
A permanent and proper monument at ground zero in NY.
Those Weapons of mass destruction.
A president that gets it.
Oh yeah America, keep voting Republican. It is really working out for us unless you actually like results. Honestly, don't you think all Obama should have to say is that?
If you are behind in a home payment or loosing it to the bank, blame the Republicans. They are the ones that deregulated the safe guards.
if the price of gas at the pump hurt you blame the republicans. A recent report by the government concluded that it was wall street speculators that drove up the price of oil. Most of these wall street investors are also the biggest donors to the Republicans.
If you have a son, daughter, wife or husband who suffers from combat stress and has done more than two tours of duty, blame the Republicans. They are the ones who mismanaged a war we were told would be easy. Remember the Mission accomplished banner?
Go down the list of any social issue. Is it better now than it was 8 years ago? What are the Republican issues? Gay marriage is wrong, less government is good, everyone should have a gun? It certainly isn't fiscal responsibility. Under Bush he racked up the biggest deficit of all the other Presidents combined. Is it Defense? They underfunded the military and sent people into combat without all the equipment needed. Why? To save money and let the contractors do it? Is it a safer world now? There are more independent contractors in Iraq right now than US troops. Independent contractors do not answer to the military chain of command and are immune to Iraqi law. I am sure they are making America look great with those powers.
Do you believe in their platform of smaller government? Under Bush, the US government enjoyed the largest expansion since world war 2. Don't believe it is all about safety either. The department of education, something Bush and friends wants to get rid of grew by 45%! How does listening in on everything make anyone safe? Ah thats right. They told us they would only listen in on calls originating outside the US to a person who has had known contact with terrorists. Well, Bush and family did a lot of business with Osamas family so I guess there is a lot of tape of Bush.
Wake the fuck up America=)

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