Thursday, October 09, 2008

The government privatizes profit and socializes loss.

Here is a sentence ever American should become acquainted with: The government privatizes profit and socializes loss.
What does it mean? Well, consider this. The two arguments against a national health care system from the right are always, it will cost way too much and giving everyone health care is socialism.
Get it? We can’t have health care because here in America we apply the rules of capitalism to dying cancer patients.
Do you know what the 850 Billion dollar bail out of Wall Street is?

We are giving them money for failure while we cannot provide health care to sick people without a company making a profit. But if that company really fucks up and they are really big, they might be lucky enough to receive a check to cover their loss thanks to the American taxpayer.
That is socialism.
We do it for companies but not for people.

Right now we have a government whose interests are aligned with big business. Hey, go look up that description. You know what that definition of our current situation is?
When the government and business merge as almost one single entity you have fascism.
But when those companies go belly up they get the world largest welfare check from us.
America, you are being fucked every way they can think of fucking you and the problem has gotten so big that it now has the chance to bring down the entire global economy.

25 Billion dollars went to the big three automakers too. You didn’t hear about that did you? It looks like a small number when you put it alongside the 850 Billion dollar Wall Street bail out. By the way, that’s how much the bail out was, 850 Billion and counting. Whenever I hear about it on the news, they keep saying 700 Billion.
It keeps going up too. Yesterday they gave AIG; an insurance firm that backed all the ridiculous mortgages another 37 Billion!
Why did Detroit need a bail out? Because they fought change and even though the writing has been on the wall for more than ten years, Detroit insisted on keeping fuel mileage poor and not investing in future technologies. While the rest of the world correctly realized that they needed to start finding new ways of making autos, Detroit happily churned out SUV’s that you can now buy six to eight thousand dollars cheaper than they were last year.
Once again the government has given a check for shortsightedness and failure while most people struggle to repay student loans, make house payments and buy food.
The government privatizes profit and socializes loss.
You get it? When the big companies make money, they get to keep it. When they fail spectacularly they get more of our money.
It’s a great system!

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Dean said...

Bush was announcing that the bailout is big enough to really make a difference and Obama was warning that it's only the beginning of a lot more government check writing...