Friday, October 03, 2008

The Sarah Palin Chronicles. Part 2: Joe Six-pack.

The Myth of Joe Six-Pack.
I am tired of hearing the expression used by politicians to show us they understand our problems out here in reality. At its best its just condescending. At its worse its a cynical political ploy to manipulate the hard working typical American to vote for something that is usually against "Joe six-pack's" best interest.
Does anyone think that John McCain is hanging out with "Joe Six-Pack" in any of his nine houses? Give me a break! McCain is hanging out with "John Champagne toast at brunch on the veranda over the Billion dollar bail out." If McCain and the wicked witch from the north get into the White House it will be "Joe four-pack" because no one will be able to afford a six-pack anymore.

When ever a politician uses the phrase, "Joe six-pack" what are they telling us? I'll tell you what there telling us. They want the government to function on a level that someone who comes home everyday and downs a six-pack of beer in front of the TV would understand? Is that really such a good idea? Shouldn't our leaders inspire us to be more? Shouldn't our leaders not talk down to us but attempt to reach for something more than the lowest common denominator?
Sarah Palin is folksy, don't cha know, but I don't want someone a heart beat away from the most powerful office in the world using the same judgement as a guy who drinks a six pack every night.
Do you?
We need leaders to start saying things we need to hear. Not pander to base instincts in troubled times. You want an example? 9/11 didn't "Change the world forever" as you have heard a million times before. We should have a leader who can calmly say to the American people, 9/11 didn't change the world. It just made us a part of it.
Instead, it has been used as an excuse to do everything and anything accept get a permanent monument at ground zero.
I really don't get why that hasn't been done yet. You know why a bare hole like an open wound is still there? Because if there was a building or a monument where the towers fell then it couldn't be used as a back drop anymore to scare the shit out of "Joe six-pack."
Its a shitty truth but its a truth.

In the conservative world Intelligence is equated with being a snob or being elite while gut decisions and no curiosity are seen as a virtue. Ironically, they probably came up with this debate tactic in a think tank staffed with people who graduated from ivy league colleges. It is yet another irony among the stunning universe of ironies that the modern conservative ideology is full of. How the hell they became the party associated with Jesus I guess God only knows. Correct me if I am wrong but I think Jesus is the guy who said we should all share equally among each other.
He was also homeless by choice with long hair. How many Republicans do you see that look like him let alone truly emulate his teachings? To them, he really has been a "profit."

Sarah Palin is a stunt. A gimmick meant to make McCain look like a guy who understands what the average working adult in America goes through everyday. The irony here is, John McCain is married to a woman who will inherit the Budweiser fortune. So he could buy everyone in America a six-pack of beer but instead he decided to give $700 Billion dollars to the guys on Wall Street who just lost "grandpa six-pack" his retirement savings. And yes, I don't think Obama should of voted for it either. In fact, he missed a wonderful opportunity to be a genuine maverick by standing up and saying so.
Now if you will excuse me I have to put this six-pack of root beer in the fridge and put my feet up. This is one tired Joe=)

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