Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things seen and pondered today.

1. A Porn site that markets itself as having, "The most original interracial videos."
Original? Do they go beyond the tired format of blacks on blonds? Do they have a guy with a 12 inch penis who is one quarter black, one quarter Indian, one quarter Irish and one quarter Danish fucking a girl who is part English and part Saudi Arabian?
Actually, they do. My bad.

2. Over the front counter at the cash registers of a Jack-in-the-Box was a Halloween decoration. It was a mobile made of card board shapes. Skulls and grave stones with the letters, R.I.P.
Do you really want the letters R.I.P. hanging over the heads of your customers as they order your product?
It didn't stop me so I guess it doesn't matter after all.

3. A flier distributed in a republican mailer that has Obama's photo at the center of a food stamp surrounded by a slice of water Mellon, a bucket of KFC chicken, ribs and Kool-aid. Oh, Obama's face is superimposed onto the body of a cartoon donkey too. When asked about the racist imagery the woman who made it and sent it out said she was "Surprised it was taken that way because it was just food to her."
Yeah. It was just food the same way that crosses are just burning and those sheets are only white. It's just food. Give me a fucking break.

4. A mother and a her young son sitting out front of a Starbucks having a conversation about God. It went something like this.
"Where is God?"
"All around us."
"What does he do?"
"Answer our questions about everything."
Hey Kid! Thats not God your mother is describing, thats Google. God sees our prayers as status updates on Facebook too. Have a nice day!


Sandy said...

"that's google"...

LMAO...HA!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?

kelly divine

Anonymous said...

How do you think credit crunch affected porn?

interracial sex