Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before the New Era of Bipartisanship Starts...

I am walking to my car in a typical parking lot. A man spots my Obama pin. He locks eyes on it, squints and makes a face I have come to realize is the face of a Jackass about to say something stupid.
"You should of voted for your own kind." He said.
My reply?
"I did. An American."
There were a few other words after that but the point was made. As I pulled out I couldn't help but yell, "You lost, Bitch!"
This happened today. Obama's Inauguration.
47 Million people voted for John McCain.
12% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.
20% still think Iraq had something to do with 9/11.
This guy was one of those people.
It doesn't matter that the 44th President of the United States of America is the first African-American to hold this office. Its not his people. Its not historic for him in the same way it is historic for the rest of us. This guy is your neighbor or boss, the friend of the friend who says inappropriate things at backyard bar-b-cues.
Two minuets after Obama took office I switched over to Fox news out of curiosity. It had already begun. The guy had the job for two minuets and they were already criticizing him.
To this I say- How dare you! In the middle of two wars, how dare you criticize the commander and chief who is busy protecting the troops!
OK. Now the new era of Bipartisanship can begin.


Joe said...

Why is it when anyone questioned Bush the right fell all over them screaming that doing so in a time of war amounted to being unpatriotic but Rush Limbaugh can publicly say that he hopes Obama will fail and no one is demanding his head? I know that Rush is nothing but a pompous air bag playing to the fringe element of a now destroyed base, but we are still in two wars with the added bonus of a economic mess that threatens to take down the world economy. Way to go Rush. I’m sure the guy in charge of handling all that is happy to know that you want him and therefore us to fail.
What an ass hole.

Anonymous said...

why do u have a haircut from the 1975? aside from your mouth its your worst feature. audiences hate u on sight. deep down i think you know it.

the riffing thing is just your inner child picking fights with people who used to kick your bony ass in school. lets be honest, you totally deserved it. U never shut up and u r always so fuckin angry and short.

have fun in ID fuck face but remember, u'll always be a hack with bad hair,


karen said...

gingerballs? more like gingivitis...of the mouth! get a life loser! or at least some mouthwash