Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stay Warm While Rome Burns=)

Check this out. If you tried to see the Vice Presidents house on Google Maps while Dick lived there you saw an image that was pixllated. The image was blurred on purpose for security reasons. However the White House wasn't the entire last eight years. Kind of confirms where the real power was, eh?
The pixillation was removed the day new Vice President, Joe Bidden moved in.
Things are literally getting more transparent under the new administration every day.
That should of been the first clue that old Dick was up to no good. When you use the same technique the TV show COPS uses to hide the faces of the people in handcuffs to hide your house with you are doing something hella wrong.

How is the fall of western civilization going for you? Just as we were collectively getting over the fear of terrorism it is replaced with the fear of being fired. Stores are closing, automakers begging for loans, unemployment websites are crashing under the heavy demand and banks seem to be getting away with the biggest theft in history.
We are watching the payments come due for our way of life folks.
Money has been the God here for a while. You remember the ending of Fight Club? They blew up the buildings that housed the computers for the credit industry and banks. The idea was simple. Destroy everyones finical records and we all start over at scratch.

Stores, major ones that we grew up with are going out of business. Its is the most disquieting thing about what ever it is that is going on right now to me.
The best part of the ending of the world so far?
The sales.

When Obama got elected and people saw that I was on the Obama-Ha-Ha tour one question came up over and over. Will you have anything to talk about when Bush & Company are gone?
The guy Obama got to head the Treasury department forgot to pay his taxes for a few years. If you can't see the joke in giving a guy who forgot to pay his own taxes the job of looking over our monetary system then you aren't paying enough attention.
Its the government. I don't know if its for the people anymore but as long as its run by the people there will always be jokes.
I have already noticed something curious going on. When I mention a little fact like this around the water cooler I get a decidedly cool reaction from my fellow liberals. Come on people! Don't cave to the group think that Lord Obama walks on water and cured crippled children with lasers he shoots from his eyes.
He is a politician.
That means by his very nature he should be held to a higher standard. At the very least we should remain skeptical. I'm not eager for Obama jokes but we have to face the fact that they are inevitable. Any time something major happens with the dollar we can just say the guy in charge forgot to file something. He will get right on it. Don't set yourself up Dude. But there is this to consider. This fact was discovered by an internal review. That means the Obama staff found out about it and announced it to the public first. Smart.
Too skeptical?
What are we going to do? I honestly think we are only at the start of this mess. And it really is all the bills for our way of life coming due at once. The entire philosophy of what is called the top down economic policy has failed. We shoveled money up the ladder at the wealthy like never before in history. The idea sold to us was that money in their hands would trickle down on us other 90% in the form of jobs. Well that turned out to be bullshit. What did we learn when we handed 400 trillion dollars to the banks so far with absolutely no strings attached? We learned that they just held on to it. They hoarded it. Thats what the rich do when they get handed trillions of dollars from lower on the ladder. They hoard it. We are about to prosecute Bernie Madoff for his 50 Billion dollar ponzzi scheme. Our economy has operated like one giant ponzzi scheme hasn't it? What does it all mean? It means the system has been rigged against you since the day you were born. I'm not talking Matrix conspiracies here I am just saying that money is power and most of us don't have a lot of either. How do they control us? Ever get charged by your bank for not having money in your account? Can you think of a bigger fuck you then being charged more money for not having money? Its a poverty tax that keeps you down. Its all those little fees and small print charges that eat you alive. If its not that then we give in to the messages being broadcast to spend every where our eyes look and before you bring up personal responsibility in our choices to borrow money ask yourself why companies spent billions of dollars a month on those messages?
It must work some of the time.
Turned out it might have worked a little too well.
I keep seeing these experts pop up on news shows virtually yelling at the American consumer for not going out and starting the engine of our economy by spending on shit they don't need at prices they can't afford. Isn't that how this whole thing started?
For a drug commercial recently the narrator said, "Tell your prescriber about all your medications first."
If your not getting drugs from a doctor then its a dealer. Or the Internet.
Welcome to the future.
Citizens are now consumers and the people you buy drugs from are perscribers.
Can a real life Logan's Run be far behind for us now?

A little off the topic but you think now that Obama is our president spellcheck can stop trying to correct it to Osama?

Oh, here is a little mistake I probably laughed to hard at. I was watching a show about the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. It is the Mosque that stands over the rock that Arabs believe Mohammad rose to heaven from. The Christians and all there various offshoots claim it is the spot Abraham almost sacrificed his son to God. The Jews also share this belief and they also think it is the site of King Solomons Temple.
This is the Temple that many believe must be rebuilt before Jesus returns to Earth. In other words, its pretty much crazy central for the big three fairy tale makers. But thats not how the host conveyed it. He said it was ground zero for three major religions.
What an unfortunate choice of words.
Because there is a ground zero and it does represent the coming together of the worlds three major religions already.

I was recently asked by someone to ghost write their status updates on Facebook. I guess I'm funny. At least it won't be weird to refer to them in the third person? Anyone else find that strange? You know that referring to yourself in the third person is a sign of mental illness right?
I have become one of them. I have friendships and relationships that exist no where else but on line. On myspace a woman sent me a message recently that ended with, I miss you.
I miss you? I don't know you.
Its all so weird. Its not about connecting with people so much as it is making us feel better about being isolated. All this communication technology and I feel like we are getting worse at communicating with each other. I have surrendered to the Facebook idea of intimacy. When a waiter tried to sit me between two people he said, "You can meet new people." My response with no joke intended? "If I wanted to meet new people I would of stayed home on Facebook!"

In a recent on line argument with a fellow blogger of another political persuasion, I was told that the death of innocents in Iraq during our little war of choice was all part of God's plan. I gotta tell you of all the excuses I have ever heard for bad shit happening in the world, God's plan is the one that makes me the angriest. This is not FEMA were talking about here Dude. What other plan could you ever get a way with saying this about?
"Hey I saw on my cell phone bill that last month to send 100 text messages 100 people had to die of preventable disease in Africa."
"Yeah thats part of the plan."
No one tolerate that. Why do we let God get away with loving us like this?
Then I asked if the God he was talking about was the same God that told George Bush to invade Iraq and that he would find Weapons of Mass Destruction. And if so was that the same God he believed in too?
He said it was none of my business what he believed in when it came to God.
I said "Exactly!"
You know what guarantees that? In writing? Its not the Bible that proclaims equal rights or even the pursuit of happiness for everyone. Its the Constitution baby!
Lets try to live up to it this time around.
Democracy 2.0!
The Vice President had his house digitally censored on Google maps While the White House remained "disclosed."
Just think of everything we are going to learn in twenty years.
Well, lets all stay warm while Rome burns.

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