Monday, March 02, 2009

5 Intellectually dishonest arguments from Republicans.

1. He's running deficits never before seen in history!
Actually, Obama's biggest expense in the new budget comes from being honest. He included the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the budget. Something Bush & Company never did. They always left it out of the budget and referred to it as supplemental spending. It was dishonest accounting. Something the Bush administration, the banking industry and Wall Street all seem to have done.

2. The era of big government and big spending has returned to Washington.
Bush presided over the largest expansion of American government in history. His reason was 9/11.
Clinton responded to the attack on the world trade center by treating it as a crime, tracking down the people who did it and putting them in jail. All in an era of Americas greatest economic expansion since world war two leaving office with a surplus.
Bush responded to 9/11 by creating the department of homeland security, ran the deficit up faster and further than anyone else in history, and took us from a nation with a surplus to the largest deficits yet.

3. The Democrats & Obama are raising taxes!
Nope. Anyone making less than $250,000 a year won't pay a dime more in taxes. Any family that makes less than $250,000 a year won't pay more in taxes.
Taxes on people over $250,000 will return to the same rate they paid under Clinton. Period.

4. I want to see this President fail.
That is a direct quote from Rush. How is it he and any conservative talk show host jumped down the throat of anyone who dared to question Bush with the usual refrain of, "How dare you question the commander and chief while we are in two wars!"
Well, were still in those two wars of choice. How dare you, Rush for demonstrating a breathtaking brand of hypocrisy!
Ah how the rules change when its not your guy in office, eh?

5. This President is a salesmen for European socialism and will destroy our way of life.
Our way of life destroyed our way of life. What every other thinking person would call greed, the Bush administration embraced and called deregulation or free enterprise. I think you know where that has brought us. Taking tax payer money and handing it over to the banks with no strings attached and no way to trace the cash is called helping an industry to big to fail. But the government making health care available to everyone is called socialism and that is somehow bad?
Consider this, every elected official in Washington enjoys the benefits of FREE health care. So the idea that the government can't provide health care to people is completely false. They already do.

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