Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona and Aliens.

Arizona has made being Mexican virtually illegal. Police now have the power to detain and question someone if they suspect them of being an illegal alien. What would give them reason to suspect someone of being an illegal alien? Suspicious dress is one description in the law. I think they had to say suspicious dress because they couldn’t say brown skin. It is also now illegal to pull your car over and offer someone work. This law isn’t about targeting sombrero wearing prostitutes. It is about the Mexicans who come across the border and have the nerve to do the shitty jobs we don’t want to for slave wages.

Meanwhile, NASA has announced plans to look for Aliens in the universe. Do you really think any aliens out there want anything to do with beings that label other beings illegal aliens? We can’t get along with other people who happen to come in darker shades of skin. Creatures from another planet wouldn’t stand a chance here! The tea party protesters lose their shit now over other humans. They can barely spell offensive names now. What are they going to do when they have to protest beings that have tentacles and communicate in bursts of light? NASA is wasting its time.

I am starting to think that crop circles are just warning signs to other advance cultures not to land here. A crop circle is the universal equivalent to a circle with a red line through it or the signs you see along a highway that read, no services at this exit.

We’re going to spend a billion tax dollars to search the stars for aliens and at least another billion to round up illegal aliens and ship them back across the border at the same time. You know what we should do? Let Mexico take over the hunt for alien signals from space. Think about it. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you have the radio on seek, what station do you always pick up loud and clear? The Hispanic music one, right? They already have the biggest antenna and they are already broadcasting. We might want to consider that if aliens from another world did show up they wouldn’t land on the White House lawn or hover above Moscow, Tokyo, Paris or Egypt. They might be headed for Mexico City and their new friends. Where would they land all their flying saucers? On their brand new parking lot named, Arizona.

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