Friday, May 20, 2011

Take a Look at These...

Here is a tour of recent weirdness and wonders seen at airports and in city streets. They run the gambit from horrific to weird. Enjoy.

Obama With a Hitler Mustache

It's hard to know exactly where these people thought they were. This was just outside Union Square in San Francisco. Seems like a strange place to get signatures. Here is the truly weird part. They were seeking signatures to bring back an arcane banking law that would of prevented the financial meltdown we had. It was put in place after the great depression and repealed some years ago by Clinton. It's where most economists trace the beginning of our current disaster. That is something a lot of SF people probably know. What they don't like is to see Obama with a Hitler mustache. The woman in the photo looking at me and seeming confused had just been yelled at by an elderly black woman for participating in hate speech images. After hanging around the outskirts for a few minutes it seemed the plan was to excite people, draw them in and then they would find out the kids with the pens and clip boards were on the same side. Fail. Big fail. This became more of a lesson in marketing than politics I think.

Borders Book Store Sign

I saw this at a Borders. Who ever put this sign together either had a sense of humor or this is the best unintentional demonstration of humor and irony. I find it hysterical that recovery is one direction and Self Help the other. The bottom two subjects also seem curiously related. One direction is weight loss and if that doesn't work, Divorce and Separation. For that matter, with the clothes pre-teen girls are wearing, maybe Child Psychology is the opposite of fashion. Erotica or Psychology? Mmmm, I'm not sure.

Free or Free of?

You can throw any piece of shit out on the median lane of a road and it's free. Putting a spray painted sign on a battered and stained sleeper sofa is beating a dead horse. By the way a dead horse is also free.


I saw this in the Phoenix Airport a few weeks ago. It's a store with the look of a cave named, Caved Inn. Get it? What does it sell? Same crap every store barely hanging on in an airport sells and rocks!
I wonder if gift shops at mining camps have stores named Plane Crash?
I want to meet the guy with big enough balls who talked a company into opening a store in an airport that sells gum, newspapers and mining games. Wow!


Darlo said...

Looking at the left-hand list in a vertical direction: Recovery, Erotica, Fashion, Weight Loss. Seems like a more positive direction...first you recover, enjoy erotica, dress better, and lose weight. Not so bad.

joe klocek said...

Yikes! What does the right-hand list lead to, suicide?