Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hello friends, fans and possible stalkers,
For better or worse the Internet has become our new town square. As a stand-up comic who likes to think he dabbles in social commentary there is no better way to get my message out there than with memes. Yes, memes. They are all over the web. Sometimes annoying, sometimes cute, sometimes unfunny more and more stand-ups are using them. Turns out that some of what I say on stage works better when read. Weird, eh?
Anyway, I am posting the latest bunch of memes I've come up with. Please, spread them across the Interwebs, email them to family members to start a fight early or just collect and trade them all!
Joe K.

1 comment:

DRT said...

Love the videos I've seen on the internet. Just a note that your protester sign meme pic is missing an apostrophe I think (unless that's on purpose).

Cheers and good luck!