Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dear Democratic Party leaders,
You are the party that passed voters’ rights laws.
You are the party that made civil rights law.
You are the party of the underdog, the under privileged and the average citizen playing by the rules.
Now comes word that super delegates could decide the election. From what I can find on line the Democratic Party rules do not use the term "superdelegate". The formal designation is “unpledged party leader and elected official delegates".
That clears it up.
What your telling us with a straight face is, elite party members will decide who the nominee for president will be. Not our votes. You understand how this looks, right? Even if Obama overwhelmingly wins the popular vote, it will be the job of less than 1,000 elite Democratic Party members to decide who the candidate will actually be. Obama could win state after state in the primaries, but still fail to get the nomination.
How can that be?
The Party that has screamed that the will of the people has been ignored for the last 8 years is telling us that our votes can be ignored and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.
This is Bullshit.
Listen guys, if you pull this shit, you are no better than the Republicans. Plain and simple.
State after state, Obama is not only winning the delegates, but he is overwhelmingly winning the popular vote of the people too. Clinton and Company seems to think they are entitled to becoming the next President. Even if that means defying the will of the people.
It’s not that I don’t respect Clinton and think she could do the job, it’s that there seems to be a huge disconnect between her speeches about taking back America for the people and actually listening to the people. And the people are saying Obama. They are not just saying it they are screaming it!
In every state that has held a primary so far, they have broken records for voter turn out. People are climbing out of the woodwork to declare a vote for change. Change, Madam Clinton. Change, as in; we do not want any more games played with our votes.
The Republicans stole the last two general elections. That is the party line of Democrats. So whats the difference between stealing an election and using obscure party rules to win an election?
Don’t blow this. If the people chose someone besides Clinton, you must respect that. It is the core value of the Democratic party that the common mans vote is just as important as any elite member. Everyone counts equally. Right? The leaders MUST acknowledge the will of the people. Even if it’s not what I want personally, that’s how the system has to work.
Wolf Blitzer was interviewing John Kerry on CNN. The state Kerry represents voted in their primary and 57% to 41% they picked Clinton over Obama. However, John Kerry, has said that as a Superdelagate, he will be voting for Obama. Hey, I want to see Obama win too, but not at the expense of what the people want. Not at the expense of further diluting the constitution. Mr. Kerry, you are the peoples representative. Maybe you forgot that. But the people told you who they wanted and you picked someone else. That too is Bullshit. Lets call it by what it is.
I got an e-mail from someone saying they would respect my thoughts more if I didn’t swear so much in my posts. Listen, if your not swearing about this kind of thing, then you don’t care enough. Because the only word that properly describes what all this super delegate nonsense is about is Bullshit. Plain and simple. We have all had enough of it.

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