Thursday, March 06, 2008

Let's Just Sue What We Don't Like!

Are you sitting down? You might want to get some smelling salts ready too.
The creator of the weather channel, friend to shut-in’s and the elderly, is thinking about suing Al Gore.
Not only does he think Global warming is a fraud, but he also sees no reason for people to cut back on their energy consumption.
I’m surprised the Bush administration doesn’t want to sue the Discovery Channel because they think evolution is a fraud.
This could start a bad wave of lawsuits.
Neo-Nazis could sue the History Channel for Documentaries on the Jewish extermination because they think the Holocaust didn’t happen.
Can I sue CNN for the election results if I don’t like them?
Dude, this is retarded!
Go Google Island nations disappearing, or Artic Ice cores demonstrating levels of pollution going through the roof at the start of the Industrial revolution.
Holy Shit, man!
Even if you believe that our warming planet is going through some normal cycle, blasting tons of toxic shit into the air we breath can’t be a good idea. Cutting back on fossil fuel use would be welcomed by anyone with asthma. Oh, and NO scientist thinks this is normal. Sure, you hear names and impressive sounding institutes in the news every once in a while that says the proof isn’t all in yet. When you dig a little into them though, they all turn out to get their funding from oil companies.
When 90% of all the energy created on this planet comes from fossil fuels, it’s not a conspiracy to say that the 5 largest oil & coal companies have a vested interested in telling us they have nothing to do with climate change.
Do you know what happens when you go to the beach in San Francisco these days?
You get a tan.
That’s just not normal.
I’m surprised the Weather Channel isn’t being sued by sleeping pill manufactures. It has to be one of the most boring things on TV.
There use to a local TV station that would broadcast nothing else on Christmas day but 12 hours of a log burning in a fire place.
No lie.
People would turn it on and drink eggnog around it. Isn’t the Weather Channel really just the equivalent of that?
My Dad sits in a plastic lawn chair two inches from the TV inside the house and goes back and forth between the Weather Channel and Fox news. He might throw in the occasional Law & Order episode, but not if it has, “The black guy” in it. When you talk to him, you have to remember that those are the only two sources of information he trusts. It will make any conversation with him make more sense once you know this.
“Dad, you and Mom thinking of moving again?”
“You see how gays want to be married like regular people? My God! It’s 23 degrees in North Dakota. The surge hasn’t gotten enough credit in the liberal media for working. They expect snow in Missouri this week. Who would vote for a guy named, what is it? Barak? Lots of flooding on the east coast…”
“It’s Barrack, Dad.”
"It’s Barrack Obama.”
“Mexicans are coming into this country like an invasion. Texas hasn’t had rain in nearly two months.”
“Do you blame the Mex-i-Can’s, for that too, Dad?”
And so it goes at the Klocek Homestead.

You know who else is being sued for 23 Million dollars in a class action lawsuit?
The makers of Airborne.
Turns out, it doesn’t work!
Yup. The Center for disease control thought the claims were exaggerated and started doing tests. Sure, there is placebo effect, but the fact is, it doesn’t do what it claims to do.
I am going to sue the CDC because I think it does. After all, a schoolteacher made it. What better proof do you want? Made by a schoolteacher? That’s how you want to market it? Just because you’re around colds all day doesn’t make you an expert in fighting them. Just like owning the weather channel doesn’t make you an expert at weather.
I bet the guy probably believes he owns the weather.
It always amazes me when rich people are so ignorant. They have the benefit of education and wealth and still remain stupid. Whenever I hear about racism, the going to the rallies type of racism; it’s usually some back wood’s red neck that didn’t get education.
That’s just ignorance.
But to have money and education and still be a racist, that’s real hatred.
You can always spot them at the Klan rallies.
They’re the ones wearing sheets with a 300-thread count.

I don’t know if the guy has watched his own channel, but things have changed.
The people who say, it is a demonstration of mans arrogance to think he can have any effect on the planet are nuts! It is always the same people who want to quote you the Bible too. Something about God giving man dominion over the land an animals. If that's true, we really have done a shitty job then.
There are entire rivers made poisonous by industrial waste that we can't drink from.
The EPA created something named, the superfund just to clean up land contaminated by business.
An enormous island of trash twice the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii. The so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been growing since the 1950s. The make up of the trash is 80 percent plastic and weighs more than 3.5 million tons.
Apparently, we are having an impact on the planet ! It has to start adding up eventually. If Jesus comes back soon the first thing out of his mouth will be a cough.
The same people who are against stem cell research because all life is precious, are the same ones who see three legged toads by a power plant and go, "that happens."
Yeah. Shit happens. Like when you spend the last 50 years of civilization pumping the atmosphere full of toxins and expect God to just take care of it. Maybe the reason he doesn't talk anymore is because he just can't see us threw all that shit.
That would explain a lot.

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