Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Race, Obama & 9/11

Here is what White Christian leaders believe was the cause of 9/11. It's funny how once these clips started making the rounds again that people didn't care what Obama's Minister said about 9/11. Now, it's just about race.
It's also interesting how they blame America for not being religious enough when the "enemy" that came to our shores that day had been created by a steady diet of nothing but religion.

This is what Obama's Minister's said. The line I love the most comes at the end and says it all. "Hilary has never been called by her own people, not white enough." Like it or not, America has a long way to go on race relations.

If were not going to vote for a guy because of the people around him, lets remember that John McCaine has a guy on his reelection committee who is involved with the aerospace company attempting to take over the maker of voting machines; Diebolt.

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