Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rev. Wright & Wrong

In America, you are allowed to be associated with a minister who says crazy shit if you are white. If you are black, then you are not allowed to be associated with a black minister who says crazy shit. Thats the conclusion I have come to after watching Barack Obama have to answer questions about sermons his Minister gave.
John McCain has the endorsement of a Texas Minister who said Katrina was God's punishment for a gay pride parade New Orleans was suppose to have that day. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have each said that 9/11 was God's punishment for Gays, abortions and the ACLU. None of the White Politicians they gave their endorsements to have had to answer for them. On the rare occasion when the press has asked, people like Bush were allowed to get a way with the answer of, "Thats their right to believe that."
George Bush was asked if he consulted his father before going into Iraq. His answer to Bob Woodward was, "I consulted a higher Father." The implication being, he talked to God and was given to permission to invade a country on a lie.
Thats pretty crazy.
But only Obama has been held accountable for the mind of another man.
I think it is 'code' racism'.
"Look at what Obamas minister thinks. Thats what all blacks think!"
Bias has not gone away, it has just learned to be more polite in the age of P.C. My mother whispers things like this. "Your Father and I ate at a wonderful restaurant last night. Our server, black."
The thing is, you cannot come out and say, I don't like Obama because he is black. Instead, you find someone close to him who has said outlandish things and use that as a club to beat him over the head with. The only way Obama could ease the fears of these white people is to run a Turkey sandwich with mayo on wonder bread for Vice President.
Now, can we get to talking about the war, a falling economy and health care? No? OK. How about Hanna Montana's photos for Vanity Fare? That seems like a very important issue. Who cares?
If you can't see she is ten years away from shaving her head and getting out of cars without her panties then you are not paying attention to what we do to young girls in the press. Disney, a Billion dollar a year company that pushes products and movies to young girls to come out and say she was manipulated into posing for a photo is the height of irony.

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sandy said...

Well said Joe!

Racism scares the hell out of me. To think that a person can still be judged by the color of their skin, their religion, or sexual preference... instead of their behavior or backwards, ignorant, and very scary. To think that there are higher up's that still exhibit this kind of attitude- even scarier!!

As for Miley Cyrus... Disney's embarrassment is not exactly newsworthy! But I'm still bugged by that story. What bugs me about the situation is this: When is there an occasion that justifies that any minor should be posed in a suggestive manner, in various stages of undress?? Even if SLIGHTLY suggestive, or SLIGHTLY undressed? uh... NEVER! I'm sure being sexualized by the media didn't help Brittany in her adolescent/emotional growth.