Friday, May 02, 2008

Fire him!

Well, it's official; Never before in the history of modern polls has a President's approval rating been so low. Never before have more Americans said the country is headed in the wrong direction too. So you have to ask yourself, if you had been given a job review with such low marks, would you still be allowed that parking space? Probably not. But Bush still gets to direct the military, sign bills into laws and pretty much continue to run the country like he ran everything else in his life before he became President. Look, why don't we just sit him down, give him his last check and say goodbye? Seriously. What company would allow an employee that had fucked up as badly as Bush has to stay employed? He will be fine. Like Millions of other Americans he is eligible for unemployment. But if he stays on in his current position, millions of Americans will also be signing up for unemployment.
Did you know that Bank of America recorded a 70% drop in profits last quarter? Do you realize that all this rhetoric about a war with Iran only succeeds in driving the price of oil up? Did you know a local news station in New Orleans found a contractor working on the levee repairs dumping news paper into one of the new levees because government money had not come through as promised?
That is an outrage!
Doesn't he know old newspaper belongs in the recycle bin?
I don't know how to break it to you guys but were broke and Bush is pushing the accelerator to the floor. The Guy knows he is not only out of office in January, but he is going down as the worst President in modern history. Why is he still allowed in the White House? Send him on some do nothing trip, like a vacation to his ranch in Crawford, TX and while he is gone, change the locks on all the doors. He will get the message.
Shareholders are allowed to hold a vote when they loose confidence in a CEO.
Managers are allowed to fire employees who fail to do a good job.
Why can't we just send him a letter and be done with it? I'm not talking about impeachment, I'm talking about firing Americas Chief Executive Officer because he has fucked everything up so bad it will take two generations to fix things. Seriously! Why do we just accept behaviour from the President that wouldn't be tolerated anywhere else?
I was thinking about the whole Mission Accomplished banner some more and I thought, you know what, I believe him. If Bush had done it, it would of been misspelled.
Fire him!


Sandy said...

I agree, fire him! You know what's sick? Despite being the worst president in history, lowest approval rating, and everything else... he'll still probably make millions for speaking publicly after he "retires" from the white house....

Joe said...

I think I have said this before but part of the problem is that the job is a temp job. Anyone who has ever done temp work knows your mission is to get away with doing as little work as you can and steal shit. On his last day you know he going to have every note pad and stapler he can hide under his coat!
He will make millions stuttering through speech after speech about how his faith guided him. You really have to wonder what God he serves when he talks about listening to God.

Anonymous said...


I just left a really negative comment on religion in politics, I pressed send... and the internet went out in my whole building! hahahaha... That was fun timing!

Forgot what I originally said, so I'll just say that if on the last day in the white house Bush leaves in a trench coat.... I'm going to laugh and think of you! :D