Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dear Ghost,
This is for an audience of one. I will not throw pieces of my heart at your feet again like dice. What was once tender and sweet turned into a sour and scalding thing in my chest. You do the work this time if you want any communication. Do not leave messages that only I would understand on old posts.


Joe from the Past said...

C,mon, Joe. You must know that I'm only trying to help. Memories tend to polish themselves over the years, and we forget the lies and the games that should have made us realize we are truly better off now.

Ghosts are not always bad.

Joe said...

yeah, this one aint so cute. I can't tell if you are implying that you posted the coded comments-I don't think you did, or that what happened was not so bad-it was.

Joe from the Past said...

Letting go is difficult, and by no means would I imply the opposite. But sometimes we need a view from the outside to help us see the entire picture rather than just the details.

One brick does not collapse a wall.