Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mark David Chapman

John Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman, was denied parole for the fifth time Tuesday.
The New York State Division of Parole issued a release saying Chapman's request was denied "Due to concern for the public safety and welfare."
Really? Public safety?
He stays in jail at this point because if he ever got out someone would shoot him.

What do you need to convince the parole board that he deserves to stay in prison?
A copy of the of the White Album should do it.
It's not like his life is so bad in jail. Check this out-
For the past 16 years he has received conjugal visits with his wife, Gloria. The visits are part of a state program called "family reunion" that allows inmates to spend up to 44 hours at a time with family members in a special setting.
That is more time than most people get all week with a wife or girlfriend!
The dude shot John Lennon and he still gets to get laid? What is prison for exactly?
He shot a Beatle by the way. John might forgive him and this is the first parole hearing that Yoko did not submit a letter against it but I think most people would be extremely pissed if the guy who shot John Lennon ever got out. Make him take guitar lessons. Tell him that when he can write a song like Across the Universe, then maybe we will talk about it. Better yet, let him out with a gun and a list of bands like Duran Duran and the Eagles. No more come back tours boy's!


Melissa said...

Honestly...I cant even tell you how much i love you, but you gotta change "beetle" to "beatle" or my infatuation with you is going to have to end :)

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