Sunday, November 02, 2008

Signs of the Times

Signs that things have become desperate-
TD Ameriatrade, an online brokerage house, is offering new customers 30 days of no fees on any trade and they will give you $100.
When they start selling the stock market to you the same way they sell cars with rebates, we might be in trouble.

Signs that advertisers aren’t doing a good enough job picking slogans-
Virginia Madison is the new spokesperson for Botox. The tag line for the commercials; Freedom of expression.
Freedom of expression? Are you shitting me? Wouldn’t a more accurate tag line be, freedom from expression?

Signs that things are really bad-
Yesterday I bought a toaster and I got a free bank.

Signs that I must change-
Having sex recently I felt something I have not felt in a long time.
My abs.

Signs that the Obama team moves faster than McCain-
A bumper sticker with a slogan that comes directly from the second debate. With Obama's symbol filling in for the letter O, it said; That One!


Anonymous said...

you had sex recently?

Candy Churilla said...

Oh my god...I was going to post "you had sex recently?" and someone beat me to it!

Sorry Joe, couldn't resist. :)

Joe said...

You know people, sometimes your words hurt=)