Friday, November 07, 2008

What Do We Do About Gay Chickens?

So let me get this straight, California voted to give chickens cages where they could stand up, turn around and stretch their wings but basically shoved gay people back into the confines of the closet? Irony on top of ironies, prop 8 was mostly funded by the Mormons, a religion that allowed for multiple wives until relatively recently in modern history. Hey! If it was OK for a man to have many wives, I think it might be OK for a man to pledge his love to another man as his partner. Besides, this shouldn’t be seen as a moral issue. It should be a legal one. After all, religious or not, any marriage that ends doesn’t end in a church, it ends in a courtroom.

If the Mormons could wake up and join the 21st century by putting an end to bigamy, why can’t they see prop 8 for what it really is, state sanctioned bigotry. Come on! There even spelled similarly!

I guess the big question now is, what do we do about gay chickens?


LiSSA L0 said...

Not to get preachy, but the Mormon church did not actually have much to do with it. Individuals who happened to be Mormon did. I'm Mormon, and I voted No on 8, but I still don't understand how protesting hate by spreading it to another group of misunderstood people makes sense. [I'm not saying this about you specifically, just about people in general]
Other than that, I'm with ya!

Joe said...

The Mormon church did have a lot to do with it. So much so that people are asking to have their tax exempt status looked at.
You had ministers with in the governing body of the church organize people. You had priests telling people in temple to go work for prop 8. You had Mormon's being bussed in to hand out fliers, make phone calls and show up at protests.
People are mad because the separation of church and state has never been so thin.
I don't hate the Mormons but I sure wish they would mind their own business in their state.