Monday, February 25, 2008

Dear Ralph Nader

Dear Ralph Nader,
Of course it is a free country and you are allowed to do what you feel is best. No one argues that point. Just by the very fact that Hillary and Obama are politicians should make any rational person more than skeptical about their plans for change. You are correct in stating that. But this is more about math than anything else. Fact is, a vote for you is a vote not going to the Democrats.
They have more than screwed up and it is mystifying as to why they cannot seem to stand up to Bush. Time and time again, they have voted right alongside their Republican colleagues to fund the war and sign legislation into law that is tantamount to taking white out to the constitution.
I am with you on all of those issues.
But as I said, it is a numbers game. You know and I know that you cannot win the White House. Lets face facts. A vote for you then is a vote for the Republicans. Not change. That is just a fact Mr. Nader. The more votes you pull from Moderates and undecided voters, the less votes the Democratic Nominee for President will get.
I believe the nominee will be Obama. Hillary is republican lite with a voting record virtually identical to John McCain’s.
At this point, I seriously wonder if you are a secret paid operative for the Republican Party. A sort of Manchurian candidate activated around elections to sabotage the Democrats hopes.
A lot of people not only blame you for Al Gores loss in 2000, but by extension, they blame you for the war in Iraq. Whatever faults Al Gore had, it is pretty certain that 9/11 and its aftermath would have been handled very differently.
You have argued that Al Gore was responsible for losing his own election because he ran a bad campaign. There is some truth in that. But consider, if you were not on the ballot in Florida, perhaps a lot of that confusion never would of happened. Perhaps the count would of overwhelming gone to Gore. Two years after the Supreme Court upheld the, stop the recount order, the New York Times went back and counted all the votes.
You know what they found?
They found that Gore won the popular vote in Florida.
History has already made it clear that Al Gore was elected President by a slim majority of the American people. The majority was so slim because you thought it would be a good idea to enter the race for change. Well, we now have another man who speaks a lot about change too. He has reenergized not just the Democratic Party, but also the whole process of politics. He may not have all the right answers to your valid questions, but in my opinion, he is better than Hillary Clinton for the job and by far he is better for this country than any conservative nominee the Republicans choose to endorse.
If you want change as so many people do, make yourself available to Obamas campaign. Offer your wisdom and knowledge to him as an asset, not as a competitor who will only diminish the chance of getting someone in there who isn’t a bible waving war loving nut job. Head in the game man! It is pretty clear that a vote for you is a vote to keep us in Iraq, “for a hundred years or more” as McCane has said. Do you want that? You’re a smart man and you have to know this. You just have too. So why would you do this? Is it your ego? Is it a misplaced sense of justice? What is the reason?
In many interviews you have said that the best thing to effect change is to get third party candidates elected at the grass roots level. School boards, Mayors, then up to Governors and Senators. When a solid base of alternative party members controls the mechanics of government, then electing one to the highest office in the land will be possible.
Why don’t you follow your own advice? 4 years since your last run and what have you been doing? Were you out there organizing a third party to strategically win public office at the grass roots level? Nope. You were raising money for yet another kamikaze run at the White House. Come to your sense Mr. Nader. I think you are a great American who has saved lives by pushing for and getting laws passed to insure safe products for Americans.
You have much to offer America. But not as President and certainly not as the Republicans best weapon to stall any change.
Just think about Ralph.

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