Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This Just In...

Oh Hillary.
You really are making history. It has to be the first time ever that a white woman complained that a black man doesn't have enough experience.

What is it to be patriotic?
Is it being in favor of endless war, going around our ideals and laws to tap phone calls without a warrant and torturing people with simulated drowning?
Or is it wearing a flag pin on your lapel?
Cause I gotta tell you tell you conservatives, using jewelry to express yourself is pretty gay.
The kids call it bling. I call it dumb.
Do you know where most of those U.S. flag pins come from?
Those yellow ribbon support the troops magnets too.
If you want a strong America, buying anything from our chief economic rival is against your best interest.
Great. You have a little pin on your suit that is suppose to tell me you are more American than me. Check out the label in side my shirt. I looked to make sure it was made here. You see what I am getting at?
Conservatives want to criticize Obama for not wearing a $2.00 pin on his suit. Yeah. Thats the major issue we need to deal with right now. I know if I was about to loose my home due to the mortgage crisis and my son was on his third tour of duty in Iraq, I would want to see a politician wearing the right pin. Otherwise, how would I know I don't believe in what he believes? I might have to listen or even go on the internet. No. Far easier to just check and see if he has a little American flag made in china on his lapel. That way I know he is the bad candidate for president.
Head in the game America!
The label that says my shirt was made in America can't be seen by anyone else. I don't feel the need to wear it on the outside to make a point. I just do the right thing rather than allow myself an attitude of superiority for wearing something that turns out to be bad for our country.

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