Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is Youssif.
A year ago, he was a victim in a terrorist attack on Bagdad. He got lucky. He got flown to America to be treated for his third degree burns and mangled body.
Because 6 years after we invaded the country it still did not have adequate hospital care. You also have to wonder about all of the other children in Iraq who were not so lucky enough to become little propaganda tools. Strangely, those kids are the ones injured by American Bombs.
Thats how the worlds most cruel lottery works.
Get injured by one of their attacks, and if you are under 5, we will take care of you.
Get injured by one of our attacks. Well, thats collateral damage and we feel bad, but thats just the nature of war.
Here is another dirty little secret of the Iraq war.
It has become the largest refugee crisis in Europe since the creation of Israel nearly 60 years ago. According to U.N. estimates, there may be as many as 3.7 million Iraqis made homeless inside and outside the country by the violence. Some are being compensated by their losses if the U.S. military is responsible; most flee with nothing.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, acutely aware of criticism over America’s closed-door policy for Iraqis, is working on a plan that would permit up to 20,000 Iraqis into the country.
Why would we have a closed-door policy do you suppose?
Oh yeah. We invaded the wrong country for 9/11 (can never be said enough) and any Iraqi coming here might not be so grateful as a five year old boy receiving free medical care.
They get screwed twice.
First when we show up to insist on democracy from the barrel of a gun, and then again when we refuse to allow them to leave the ruins for the fabled land of opportunity.
But you people go ahead and wear your little flag pins. Scream bloody murder when Obama's wife said this is the first time in her adult life that she is proud of America.
Clearly, we are not all as lucky as little Youssif.
After-all, he gets free health care.
Just like the Senators and Congressman who made the choice to get us into this disaster.
Perhaps the solution for those millions of uninsured American kids is to ship them off to Iraq, hope they get wounded by one of their bombs and if they are cute enough- you win!
To cynical?
Frankly, after doing that comedy tour of Marine bases in Okinawa, Japan, it looks like all we have is children fighting this dirty little war.
Shouldn't you have to be able to grow a real mustache before we ask you to make the ultimate sacrifice?
I don't know.
Have you been on YouTube lately? You can see a lot of uncensored footage of the war. I think we need to stop calling it a war too. from what I have been told by people returning and the footage you can see on line, shooting gallery might be a better description of things.
I think Youssif deserves everything he is getting.
Help, that is.
But when he grows up and looks in the mirror as a young man, you have to wonder if he will think it was all worth it. Hell, you have to wonder if any Iraqi thinks it is worth it.
If 70% of Americans think it was a mistake, what do you think the poll numbers would be like over there?
To dangerous to ask I suppose.

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