Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stuff that fits no where else.

Why do I get the feeling that the big twist at the end of The Happening, is going to be that I paid to see it?

I hear Bush is having trouble raising money for his Presidential library. It's the Bush Library. How much does a shelf cost?

I have reached the age where I determine what I am going to eat by how it is going to feel coming out.
"I can't eat that burrito at this hour. That is going to burn on re-entry."
That's how I like to think of the actions of my ass, under the control of NASA.

At a restaurant today, the host tried to sit us between two tables already occupied by people. I asked if we could sit someplace else. Someplace away from other people. If I wanted to meet other people I would stay home and go on line. Not go out to a restaurant.

The best name to give at a busy restaurant with a long wait is Eaton. That way, the hostess must wander around a group of people who have waited for more than an hour and say, "Eaton! Who here has Eaton."

Last nights crowd did not enjoy the story about me, the girl, a sharpie and her ass. Oh well.

John McCain looks like the Nazis who melted at the end of Raiders of the lost ark. Keep your eyes closed at his rallies. No matter what you do, don't open your eyes people!


sandy said...

hehehehe.... "Eaton! Who here has Eaton."

Is The Happening that one where the movie poster has all the empty cars??

Dean said...

They didn't like the Sharpie/Ass Signing story? Philistines...