Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adopted an American

I did a benefit show for at the Punch Line. Check them out. The whole idea is founded on the concept of micro loans. You know how you always say you want to help but you don't know how? Maybe you want to donate money but not with a religious charity. This is the way to go.
You lend a little bit of money to an entrepreneur in the third world to expand or start a business. You help them out with a little that goes a long way for them. But it got me thinking, I drink a lot of coffee, why can't a coffee farmer in Yemen pay off some of my old student loans? They could even check on my career status by checking my web site.
"Look at him. I bought him that X-box!"
Imagine their pride at seeing a struggling American reach for the plastic ring of mediocrity.
"You see that bong? I paid for that! I am so proud."
Each month I could send an e-mail detailing what I need to be a regular American. Ever try to just be a regular American? It's not cheap! Hey, third world people make most of the stuff we buy, it's about time they give back a little to keep this engine going.
The idea is what America is all about. A small business person gets a loan and grows their business. They hire more people who make money and spend it in the community. Capitalism on a small scale. It doesn't seem so scary or out of control on this scale does it? It actually makes sense. If I get my money back, great. If I don't, I just bought good karma for $50.00.
That's what I gave to a woman in India for a small cotton loom, fifty bucks. That's nothing. It's a shirt at the Gap, that she will probably make, or a date at the movies. Fifty bucks is nothing to me if I never see it again. So if their business gets going, why not pay off a parking ticket or two of mine?
"San Francisco is so expensive to live in. I send him what I can so he doesn't have to go round the block when he comes home late at night."
That's right world, I am setting up the first ever, adopted an American program. People are curious about us no matter how much they might hate us. What better way for them to learn about America than to help shoulder the financial cost of being an American. We don't accept dollars though, only Euros please.
Eventually, I will put together a heart warming video of third world people with their stories of lending a helping hand to us.
"I bought my American a Domino's Pizza!"
"Thanks Dude."
"I bought my American a net flix membership and cable TV for a month!"
"Your the best Hajji!"
"I bought my American Solar panels to put on their roof!"
So come on world! Help pull an American out of the unacceptable pool of middle class. Feed a college student just what he needs, pot and alcohol. Do you have idea what a difference just a few Euros can make on a cell phone bill? Most families of four in this country still can't afford a TiVo.
Is this how you want to see an American living; above the poverty line but embarrassed by their neighbors possessions? I don't think so!

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