Friday, March 28, 2008

A friend of mine, a 41 year old women, was complaining about the state of her love life. She is having a "relationship" with a man over the Internet. I put it in quotation marks because what sort of a relationship can anyone have over the Internet?
"Were having some problems lately." She tells me.
Looks like it's like any other relationship after all.
"I wish there was some 1-800 number you could call like tech support but for relationships."
Million dollar idea, I think. Really, what would you have to say most of the time?
"Did you try turning him on? Turn him on. Now just play with it a little."
At 41, she is concerned about never getting married and having a family.
"If I can't reproduce," she tells me. "Then I will just expand."
Here here!

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