Thursday, March 27, 2008


In a new Rolling Stone interview, Chris Rock sums up Hillary Clinton like this. "I didn't like her until she started running for President."
Like running for student body president, it's not the issues or your platform on anything that really matters to people, it is your personality and the way you communicate. Hilary's latest mess in her campaign is the landing in Bosnia under fire story. At a press conference, she told reporters that the plane had to make evasive moves while landing. They were also told to sit on their bullet proof helmets and when they did land on the short runway, everyone had to run for the buildings. She was clear that there was no time for any greeting ceremony either.
Then the news footage comes out.
Not only does she walk of the plane at a leisurely pace, Chelsea Clinton is all smiles beside her! No one is running. An interview with the pilot of the plane is making it's rounds on the Internet. He contradicts almost everything she says about the landing. Not only that, but he points out that there would be no way in hell the Secret Service would of allowed a plane carrying the first lady and her daughter to land under snippier fire.
Oh, and they did stop to listen to a little girl waiting for them to read a poem.
Hilary's response, "I misspoke."
No shit you misspoke. There was a little girl waiting to read a poem! Do you think they would of sent her out there with bullets flying around.
"Keep waiting little girl. The first lady will be running toward you any moment now!"
This is the classic mistake all politicians make. They embellish something that actually occurred. Someone calls them on it. Then they tell us, I misspoke.
You were the first lady of the United States of America. Didn't you see cameras following you around everywhere you went? Apparently she didn't learn the lesson that anyone who has ever watched or been on a reality TV shows learns very quick; every move is filmed.
That's why it has become a big deal.
The funniest part about all of this is that the entire problem started because Sinbad, who was on tour with her, contradicted her.
Her first response about this to the press was, "You know he is a comedian?"
You have to love that. Because he is a comedian his word is beneath hers?
Only the truth is funny Hillary. And only comics seem to be the ones telling it these days. You got caught in a big ass lie. A big ass lie that was on tape! It was on tape. No bullets or running, just a little girl waiting to read you poem. No evasive maneuvers or sitting on helmets, just a stroll out the back of the plane with your daughter.

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Anonymous said...

There is a deep divide between misspoke and a lie. I think she feel head first into a lie.