Monday, April 14, 2008

I spent the weekend in almost complete silence at a cabin by myself. No TV, Cellphone or Internet.
I hiked in the mornings, built a fire and read at night. What was my big realization that I came back with, Brittney Spears didn't go crazy until after Madonna kissed her.
That's how you take out the competition.
Look out Hanna Montana!


Anonymous said...

i understand that when you come back from spending time in a cabin youre kinda required to state a "realization" but did start a trip with attaining some profound truth in mind?

-just curious not judging :)

Joe said...

I did. I had a super long blog about the whole thing and after reading I thought, No, That's the big thought I had. Damn!

Anonymous said...

No tv, internet or phone? Whatever.

Just judging, not curious. :)


PS - *poke*

Anonymous said...

Are you sure there's not another realization there? Something grammatically related, maybe?
Or perhaps a young-girl fantasy that will never be satisfied?
Or the fantasy has been realized and the problem is with you, not the pigtails or plaid skirt?
Hmmm. Cabin, tell us what is missing!