Thursday, April 17, 2008


Dear regular blog readers,
Thanks. Thanks for reading my trials and tribulations and occasionally leaving a comment or two. I feel a another wave of writers block coming on though. Think of it as a writers strike going on in my soul. Hopefully, regular broadcasting will return shortly.
Thanks and may the force be with you=)


Sandy Castaneda said...

I'll be right back.... The picture above (of donkey) reminds me of something I was suppose to google...

Celery Caraway said...

Schmaltz alert! Grateful fan posting comments!! As I said last night, I am very very glad that you are no longer BLOCKED because your Zen of Funny posts have, through their goofy yet illuminating and chuckling flow, shown me the way to jump in and blog a bit. I only hope I can unleash a tenth of the zen of funny that sails out from your mind. Thanks eversomuch.

Joe said...

Thanks=) You are too kind. Thanks for coming to the show last night. It was fun.
Joe K.