Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks and Please

Thanks to those who came out to the Club Deluxe this weekend and watched me crack open the notebook in an attempt to try new stuff out and breathe life into old road stories. I think the club deluxe is my new favorite little room. It is the way SF comedy use to be. A great space with a cool crowd to perform in front of.
The Onion add will be appearing this weekend again and next weekend all to see if San Francisco will support it's stand-up comics.
Next weekend I, along with Comedy Against Evil creator-Jeff Kreisler,
will be at the Purple Onion.
If you like Punch Lines with your politics, this is a great show!
Comedy Against Evil

This Friday I return once more to the Clubhouse. One of the best small independent rooms in the city! No lie.
The Clubhouse, San Francisco

And of course, April 29th & 30th, I am headlining at the Punch Line.
Punch Line, San Francisco

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