Friday, April 25, 2008

Promotion Baby!

This just in!
Wednesday, May 30th. Margret Cho & ME!
You read right. Margret Cho is filming a short set for VH1 at the Punch Line. See me and the notorious cho on one ticket.
Jay Mohr Canceled at Cobb's tonight and tomorrow. I will be there on the late shows tonight and Saturday.

Looks like Friday nights show at the Purple Onion is selling out! Saturday still has about half the seats available. Come on down and hear politics as it is meant to be heard; with laughter and skepticism.
$20.00 Use the site for reservations, but it's all cash at the door.
Comedy Against Evil

Tuesday & Wednesday of next week at the San Francisco Punch Line are doing pretty well too!
Still plenty of tickets available if you want in. $14.00
Thursday-Saturday I am with Greg Proops from whose line is it anyway!
Sunday is the world famous fabulous Showcase.
Monday, May 5th is the return of GET IT!? A Stand-Up Comedy Game Show!
Punch Line, San Francisco

1 comment:

sandy said...

If I weren't so behind on my final projects, I'd be taking a road trip this weekend! I wanna see a stand up comedy game show!!!! Damn Flash,PHP, and Actionscript!!! Ruining the all fun to be had! I will go and cry now...

Or, walk my dogs.

I do predict that one future weekend, I will grab my friend Jacqueline and we'll go and catch one of your SF shows.