Monday, May 05, 2008

Any Ideas?

The last few weeks have been great. I have managed to work every room in the city. Twice on some nights, got to headline Cobb's on a Saturday, the Punch Line for two days last week and middle for Greg Proops this past weekend. Life is good!
Now comes the post work blues. Ugh.
I hate this part of it. I always feel like a super hero who has to go back to his secret identity after saving the city. Hang up the cape, take off the boots and sit down to the key board to crunch numbers in a cubicle. Ugh!
If you love what you do but can only do it for an hour a night, what do you do? You write a blog.
I also had an interesting conversation with a stranger recently who had a great idea. I have the ability to speak in front of people. I can verbally communicate ideas. There has to be a way to turn that into a marketable skill. Turns out, there is.
About once a year I have a minor anxiety attack that ends in tears and frustration. I think about what I should be doing besides comedy. Lets face it, as much as I love it and as good as I may be at it, I might never achieve the level of fame at it that I would like. Still have to pay bills and wake up feeling good about myself though so what is there? That my dear readers is the question I put to you. I know there are marketing companies out there and people who teach people how to speak for lectures, but what else is there? Anyone have any ideas on how to create a career with out a college diploma but the ability to speak with humor in front of crowds?
If you have any ideas, please let me know.


Sandy said...

Have you tried doing a search for speaking associations on the internet? What topics would you want to speak about? Because if you're not speaking about something you've a passion for, it might feel a bit like crunching numbers in a cubicle.

Another benefit, I bet, to finding something in public speaking is that it would be easier to mix up that schedule with your comedy schedule. Working both, during the day and night too, has got to make for some long days!

I'll think a bit more on this and get back to you...

Anonymous said...

1. cult leading/founding
2. motivational speaking guru
3. get a part on springer
4. become an auctioneer
5. start a tour company and take people on tours of the city
6. strip club DJ
7. start a video blog - but film it in front of a live audience (so you can riff with crowd)

Elise said...

Interpretation. Not like sign language, but interpreting natural and cultural sites. Sort of like a teacher meets park ranger. You still have to come up with your own material.

Parks have jobs in this field. So do environmental education organizations. Check out the National Association for Interpretation at

This is what I do for a living. It combines my education in theater, the improv work I've done, my love of history, and the all ham-no pineapple part of my personality.

You might start by volunteering so that you can find out if you like this. SF Maritime down in front of Ghirardelli square might have something.

Anonymous said...

8. BATS has "Improv for Business people" classes - you could probably do something along the lines of that as well

Dean said...

Hey, Elise might be onto something... I think Nick Leonard used to do some kind of city tour thing...

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the tour thing - I can totally help you with that one. You'd be great at it, you can set your own schedule, it's almost always during the day, and it's pretty good money if you do private tours. Ping me if you're interested.


Celery Caraway said...

Pursuant to Anonymous' list, item 7: You are photogenic and your wise , wry observer persona would be fun to see on new media like Current TV, web &/or mobile broadcasts. Modern media vignettes. So the video blog seems cool to me. And I'd take it to the streets. Expand it from the stand-up arena to riffing with the city. (Hey, you could use that; or does it sound old hat-- Riffing SFO?) i.e. Stealth video clips taken on a Muni busride while you tell your spring 08 vignette. You could get snippets without the telltale eyes so we can't say who's who, except you in the corner of the frame. Or full sets of telltale eyes darting about on the bus which you'd arrange to film on board? Could be an SF standup thing, too, perhaps, with a range of city riffs-- "hand-held SFO?" (Raunchy resonance too strong?) Also agree with Sandy on public speaking.