Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Way to get Robert Downy Jr. to not take drugs or drink during the filming of a movie; put him inside a suit of armor.

Text message sent out by 19 year old San Diego College student/drug dealer.
"Attn faithful customers both myself and my associates will be in Vegas this coming weekend. So stock up, we will be back Sunday night."
Give them a break. After all, finals are coming up soon.

Overheard snippet of cell phone conversation in a parking garage. " are never to put your fish in the oven again! Put your father on the phone... Then wake him up!"
I kinda had the impression that her son put a fish bowl inside an oven as the Dad dozed off in an easy chair with a bottle of Jack Daniels at his side and Girls Gone Wild playing on the TV.

Subject line of an e-mail sent by the top mental health professional at the Veterans Affairs regarding the number of attempted suicides; "Shh!"
That one sorta of speaks for itself I think. It sums up the last 7 years of Bush & Company and the way they handle business. People get hurt, cover it up.

Ladies! Way to a mans heart; through your back door.

People I have offended this week with posted comments on various web sites; 2.

Number of apologies I have given this week for said comments; 2.

Average number of people I offend in a week; 4.

I am getting lazy.


Sandy said...

You crack me up!

I loved the one sided cell phone conversation, that's classic.

Don't know why, but your back door comment had me flash on a scene from the book "A Dirty Job". I do believe it said: "Not in the butt! Not in the butt!"

Dean said...

Number of apologies for Comments you SHOULD have given out: 0... lighten up and grow a pair, people (that includes you women)

Joe said...

Part of the problem is that things like sarcasm can not be transmitted through e-mail and the written word I guess. What I think is a witty ironic comment, people read as an insult. Oh well. It's easy enough to say sorry I hurt your feelings. especially when I didn't mean to.

Sandy said...

I TOTALLY understand the whole lost in translation thing that happens somewhere between brain-email-recipient... I've gotten to myself in trouble that way so many times. I try to remember to now pepper my comments with all my smiley wink-wink-nudge-nudges, but half the time I forget to add them.

Sandy said...

um... as that was disappearing into the internet unknown... I see that I mixed up my words, that was suppose to be: gotten myself INTO trouble...