Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Slip & Slide

Gas Tax Holiday?
Anyone buying this idea? My sister lives in Illinois. When they tried this a few years ago, the oil companies just raised the price by the exact percentage the tax would of been at the pump. It was a holiday alright...for the oil companies. Also, if you don't collect taxes for three months, where will the money for road improvements and bridge construction come from? If they really want to do this then do it like the bad joke those IRS stimulus checks are. Send everyone a gift card for $40.00 that can only be used at a gas station. Otherwise, yeah, it's just a stunt that ends up accomplishing nothing.
I have revised my idea on what to do with Bush's, Mission Accomplished Banner. It will still be a Slip & Slide, but every time he leaves the White House, he must run and slide down it on the white house lawn before boarding any helicopter, car or airplane.
Also, for every American lost since declaring mission accomplished, we put one rock under the Slip & Slide. You ever slide down one of these in your back yard as a kid and hit a stone or root? Man, that will knock some wind out of you! If that doesn't get the President to start making smarter choices I don't know what will. It will be like trying to slide down a Cobble Stone path! Take that fucker!

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