Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hot for Teacher

Burma: It Can’t Wait – Tila Tequila – Day 30

WTF? Right? On the one hand, I understand that people need to be informed. Maybe this is the way to get young people to pay attention. But using a moron who probably didn't know this stuff till she had to memorize it and recite it with all the warmth of a frozen side of beef, seems to be in poor taste. What are we saying to kid's, it's OK to use misogyny when educating people about tragedy? I am worried that we will see Hilliary Clinton striping as she explains the economy. OK, with her, she might start out naked and as people get the answers correct, she would put on clothes. Cheap shot? Well its for a good cause.
What is this going to accomplish? A bunch of brain dead MTV watchers might stumble across CNN in their stoned channel surfing and get a hard-on at the mention of Burma now?
If we have to resort to hosts of really bad reality shows just to grab our attention on important social issues, maybe strippers should start warning other kid's in other countries about the falling educational standards in America. Why not just make Tia Tequila America's roaming substitute teacher? She can just show up at random schools with fun facts leaving a trail of clothes and knowledge behind. Instead of the boring book mobile, kids can get excited waiting for the knowledge whore to show up with her poll and facts!

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Dean said...

Imagine that... a social studies class filled with horny teenage boys (a redundancy, yes) AND lesbians?