Sunday, June 01, 2008

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I watched some of the Democratic National Committee try to sort out this mess with the Florida and Michigan primaries this weekend. Here is my big question about this whole thing; Where were all these people two years ago?
Speech after speech, all made by intelligent people who invoked the sanctify of the vote, went on and on. It was all bullshit! Bullshit, because everyone of the people in that room either voted for those states to be stripped of their primary votes for breaking the rules, or were representatives of people who were more interested in casting their vote for American idol then worry about something so distant as the 2008 election when they were told about it in their local papers.
It was a joke! No one in that room was surprised and until Clinton was loosing this election, she was quoted over and over that Florida and Michigan's primaries did not count.
Here is how it works America. Pay close attention please.
Break the rules and pay a price.
Former White House press Secretary, Scott McClellan published a new book; What Happened. You will notice that there is no question mark at the end of that. It is one more Book from a man in this Administration that confirms what the majority of Americans are starting to recognize as the truth; we were lied into a war. One by one anchors and reporters are coming forward to tell the same story. Brian Williams told a story this week about getting a phone call from the Pentagon after a report he filed from Kuwait. Katie Couric told a story about a similar phone call from the White House after a interview where she was told they did not like the tone of the piece. Story after story is starting to emerge where reporters are now saying that subtle and not so subtle pressure was put on them to keep the stories about the lead up to the war in Iraq positive.
So why are we hearing about this now? This is a major story! The government leaned on network's, executives and reporters to tell the story they wanted in the way they wanted and no one ever said anything to the American people until 7 years and almost 5,000 dead American troops later!
The fact is, the reporters kept their mouths shut because they didn't want to loose their jobs. Scott McClellan stayed quiet because he wanted the money while he was the official liar and he wanted more money to tell how much he lied after he left. Money and principles do not go together very comfortably. All of these stories are related to a conversation I had with a friend recently. He told me very proudly that he had reached a point in his life where he could separate his principles in order to make money. That's progress? As the above stories illustrate, separating yourself from your principles for money, power or fame seems to be a deal with the devil. Principles are not something you have. They are the actions you take. If you tell the world after a war has claimed millions of lives that you knew you were lying, you don't get treated like a hero. It just means you finally did the right thing.

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This is such a true post. We sell this book at my work but are currently sold out. In fact our entire warehouse is sold out. It seems people will pay a lot of money to have someone tell them what they already know happened.